Friday, November 20, 2009

Wednesday and Thursday

I made a Herculean effort to complete some of the grading and managed to finish the celebrity class papers (all 40). My students worked so hard with many of them doubling the required page length, adjusting margins and font to ensure they could write as much per page as possible. Many of the papers were really good, so I wanted to give them a thorough reading. Combined with my teaching, this gave me little free time over the last two days.

Outfits for those days: Wednesday--ivory Jemeen, gray tights, gray Vince cashmere cardigan and Lola clogs; Thursday--Hera, Lyell box pleat skirt (another beloved staple--so much so, that I own two), orange cashmere cardigan from Club Monaco, gray tights, JC wedges and my black Lyell little girl peacoat from 2005 (I really love this one).

I watched the finale of Project Runway when I got home at 11 p.m. last night. I was underwhelmed by the collections as expected and unsurprised that Irina won. Not because her work was better, but because the judges for some bizarre reason seemed to want her to win from the start. All the collections were problematic at best--Carol Hannah makes nice dresses but she didn't present a collection and nothing she's done has been wow worthy or that creative, Althea is dull and one note (there is no way she translates street trends...) and Irina is horrible and has poor taste. I liked a couple of the cardigans, some of Althea's pants and jackets and a couple of Carol Hannah's dresses but it really is a good job that they're starting the next season of PR so soon to get the taste of this one out of the viewers' mouths.


Marti said...

I agree about PR. This was perhaps the worst season in the history of the show. I blame alot of it on switching networks and also just a wee bit on switching magazine partners.

BTW Moya, I am insanely jealous of all your Lyell pieces. I wish I had no hips so that he stuff fit me!

Moya said...

It was a horrid season--so much worse than the others.

I have hips too--I find some Lyell is OK and some is impossible for me to get into. It really is a line that varies a lot--sometimes I've tried on the same item in the same size and because it was a different batch, it fits differently. I love her coats (although last season was a dud) and have problems with some of her dresses, although the earliest collections weren't bad in terms of fit. It's just you have to try them on.

I would look into the box pleat mini in the Fletcher line, Marti. It looks pretty well made and not that different from the original, which is my favorite, most versatile (and, yes, slimming) skirt.