Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Caroline's Mayle

Just a quick note as I am swamped beyond all measure writing grad school letters of recommendation, grading 40 papers and preparing lectures. Caroline's Reiko has sold--all other pieces (I believe) are still available. More Mayle for sale soon--and some other goodies too.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mayle for Sale

As promised, here's the first installment of some Mayle that's for sale. Caroline (complicatedskirt[at]gmail[dot]com) is selling this re-edition Reiko from the Ten Little Indians collection.

It's a size 4, fits a 4-6 (if it was bigger, I'd buy it from her). She's asking a very reasonable $175.

For Sale

I'll be posting a few more pieces of Mayle soon, but in the interim, Caroline has a few pieces of Miu Miu, Prada and others that she's selling. If you are interested, email her at complicatedskirt[at]gmail[dot]com.

First up is this Prada skirt:

It's a size 40 so should fit a 6, even a small 8. It's a shorter skirt and Caroline's asking $75.

Miu Miu dress:

This dress is a size 40 but it runs super super small and tight. $100 or best offer.

She is also selling this Thakoon dress.

While it is a size 6, this dress fits more like a 4. Again $100 or best offer.


I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving weekend. We headed up to Boston (to Evan's sister's house) on Thursday morning and caught the Friday evening train back to NYC so we could give Remy her antibiotics. Thankfully, my cold had practically gone so I could enjoy eating and visiting. We also visited the Natick mall to get Hanukah gift for the children--so I visited several tween stores, making it the full mall experience. I also discovered that the NYC branches of stores like Club Monaco and Madewell are relatively large, even if they don't seem that way. So no temptations for me but it was fun and we had some success in our gift buying. Actually, I did get some yoga pants and a tank from the Gap fit line--for a total of $38.

After much anticipation and excitement, Ben, Brynn and I went to a matinee screening of Burlesque. We're all fans of 1930s musicals and adore Showgirls, so hopes were high. In the spirit of high camp and excess--despite the cold winds--Ben and I both worse sequins to the screening--his Halloween top my silver J. Crew miniskirt. We also prefaced the screening with a visit to Billy's bakery and bought deserts into the theater (coconut cream pie for me, pumpkin whoopie pies for Ben and Brynn). Let me say, neither the film nor deserts disappointed--both were sweet and somewhat ironic creations. At times, the movie was so good/bad, I felt sequins exploding from my heart. I have a soft spot for Christina Aguilera (a girl with talent unlike so many teen starlets, even if she goes awry at times). She can actually act and the film was a perfect vehicle for her sensibilities--at their best when she is somewhat retro, as she was in Burlesque. Granted the film had nothing to do with real burlesque, had little plot and was pretty much tailor made for gay men and their female friends, but that's what made it such perfect escapist entertainment for a cold late November day.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update on Caroline's Mayle for Sale

The Barcelona has sold. She still has a Theodora, in case you are interested. I will be posting some more items for sale soon--Mayle and non-Mayle.

Monday, November 22, 2010

From the email archives--Mayle Sample Sale, June 2007

I am terrible about deleting emails as I think of them as a personal archive. Sometimes old emails were bulk deleted (my old hotmail account and NYU email had this problem as older email had to be sacrificed given limited memory).

Going back over some of my gmail for another purpose, I found an email to a friend documenting the now legendary Mayle sample sale from June 2007. I've redacted the personal info, edited for style, but basically here is the one from day 1--I went back on day 2 and it was even better (I got two pairs of sandals and a dress--if only I'd bought more!). I thought it might be of historical interest. So, here it is.

*  *   *

Mayle sale, I went. It was insane at first--I saw things I wanted in people's hands and had to stalk to get some of them. The line was down the block.

Sizes 2,4 and 6 were plentiful. 8s and 10s were scant. All the shoes (the Afrikana flats and the wedge versions as well as the older woven flats) were in size 42 so even I couldn't get them. Lots of the very high Pamplita boots.

What they had:

loads of pants, wool skirts and satin shorts. Some knickerbockers. Tons of sweaters--mainly the Barneys monthly ones. Coats--often really old ones as well as the Rolande from this season. As coats were $175 and it was insanely hot today, I passed. Pants were $65, shorts and skirts $50. Sweaters--all $90. I got the thick navy blue cardigan from the fall.

Very few tops--mainly the green version of the long sleeved silk shirt I have from last fall, and lots of odd samples and old silk tops in the brown and white print from SS 2005. Hard to list them--there seemed to be very few of any style--just consistently very small sizes. There were a few size 4 shirts from this season and last but they were all silk and they sold immediately. I was there at 10:30 and couldn't get near them. Tops were so small that I don't think they had any 10s at all. They were $80 and $95.

Lots of dresses--$125 each for day dresses, $150 for evening. Mainly they had:
--the Anais dress (lots of them) in black, cream, and cream with yellow trim. I got it in cream with yellow trim. Still some left when I left at 1:30.
--the beige silk Michaela dress with lavender flowers from last summer.
--the long red dress from the recent holiday collection (the ruffly long one like the one I liked that sold out). [comment from now--I was a fool not to get one of these!]
---the dress version of your cream puff blouse in black with a white detachable collar. Runs *really* small (I couldn't really fit in the 10). Tons of them. [this is the acetate dress from SS 07 and I can't remember its name off-hand]
--the brown and cream Valentine dress with ruffles from this season (the silk one). Also in the mustard color. Also had the sleeveless version
--the green t-shirt fabric drapy minidress from fall/holiday in tiny sizes
--the slk slip dress in orange, black and ivory from this season
--the black and the purple long sleeved eyelet dress from fall
--a couple of the bondage style dresses from this season.
--lots of long dresses in the brown and white from summer 2005

What they didn't
other than what's listed above, virtually nothing from this season
platform clogs

I got the navy cardigan, a black wool skirt for $50, the ivory Anais dress, the green cotton voile shirtwaist dress I wanted last year. I also got an orange silk Federica.

Sample sale finds

Earlier this week, I hit up the Lutz and Patmos sample sale. It was not too far from NYU (in the meatpacking district) so I was able to go on the way to work, and did so twice. As the line is ending--and as I love high end sweaters, especially cashmere ones--I felt it was a more practical sale and one I could justify. Of course, the fact that it fit into my incredibly over-crowded schedule didn't hurt. I was able to leave 20 minutes earlier and fit it in. It also wasn't a Thursday-Friday sale (unlike Thakoon) so it didn't coincide with me spending all my time in class or office hours.

I went on the opening day, hoping to find a warm and chunky sweater I loved on La Garconne and the cashmere Sofia Coppola dress. Both were reputedly $150 and as the sweater was $485 and the dress $850, that was a steal. Plan was to grab both and leave. But when I got there, I couldn't see anything vaguely like the dress and found out, of course, that it was the first piece to go. I had better luck with the sweater and ended up getting one in dark green. It is very warm and a soft wool/silk/alpaca blend. Here's the photos from LaGarconne:

I also got a very soft black silk and bamboo round neck long sleeved thermal top that draped beautifully for $30 that originally listed for $175.

I went with Caroline who got a beautiful soft ivory cashmere sleeveless sweater and a soft gray cashmere sweater designed by Carine Roitfeld.

As there were to be discounts each day, and as a lot of stock was left, I decided to go in again on Thursday (the next possible day I could make it). Again, I went on the way to work but found a decidedly different experience. All sweaters were $25 but not much was left. Again, I had a plan--grab another of the thick sweaters above, maybe in pale gray or the light brown, and one of the cashmere long sleeved sweaters that Caroline found, pay, get out and get to class. But I had anticipated more stock--at least more decent stock. Much of what they had was old samples as befits the crazily low price.

I did pick up a very thick cardigan that will be useful on cold days inside or even outside instead of a coat on a not that cold day. It was reduced from $450 to $25 and has some nice details like the ribbon trim over the buttons. But it isn't as soft as I'd usually get, but I think it will nicely cut the sweetness of a girly dress.

I also picked up a v-neck waffle knit short sleeved sweater (another $25, originally $245) that's soft and drapes nicely. I am planning on wearing this over a striped long sleeved t-shirt.

Finally, after much searching, I saw a girl holding the sweater I had wanted. I asked her if she wanted it (I hate being that person but I also had to get to class). She wasn't sure she wanted it, as she was holding out for a jacket someone else had, and that person was holding out for a vest someone else had. So, she gave it to me, the other person then decided against the jacket and gave it to her, and then the person who had the vest decided they would be allergic to it and gave it to the other person so we all got what we want, which made me happy. Good deeds certainly produced a chain reaction--and I got to class on time.

The sweater (same as above) was in a light brown, was a S not the L I preferred but there was only a little difference in size. It was a sample and had a couple of snags but for $25 it was a steal. I prefer the dark green (just as well) but now I have two more sweaters for really cold days or for when I want to feel warm and snuggly.

It is amazing that every year I realize how few sweaters I have for when it starts to get really cold. Evan laughs at me for having so much knitwear but it is for all seasons and what works for a warm spring day is near enough obsolete when it is 30 degrees or less.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mayle for Sale

As promised, Caroline is selling some of her Mayle--contact her at complicatedskirt[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested in any of these pieces.

First of all, she has a Theodora dress in black for $150 obo. It's a size 4. If it was a 10, I'd buy it from her...

She also has a rare Dalmatia silk bias cut Barcelona dress fro the Ten Little Indians re-editions. I have never seen this one before. It is a 6 and would fit a 4-6. Measurements are:
17 across the chest
15 across the waist
19 across the hips
 As it is cut on the bias the measurements aren't entirely accurate--it could be a bit more flexible and work for slightly larger or smaller figures, but probably wouldn't work for a size 8.
More to follow.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

And Now a Cold

So, I'd hoped this weekend would be the time to relax. My yoga studio is having an open house today--five hours of classes (short ones, 30 minutes, so you can try everything) along with 15 minute massages. All for $15. So I paid, signed up and came down with a cold on Thursday night. As much as I hoped it would be better by today, it's worse and I'm at home in a nightie, socks and sitting here with a box of Kleenex. My face is delightfully swollen and I'm reading posts about the H and M/Lanvin craziness and realizing that the red tulle dress in a size 8 is kind of me and will likely not be in stores by the time I feel up to going in. Indeed, I suspect nothing was left by the time I got up. I think this cold is my body's way of telling me to rest.

I would have loved to have gone to the Thakoon sample sale this week too but given that it was on Thursday and Friday when I spend all day in class, there was little chance of that. Hell, I don't even know why I'm thinking about the luxury of clothes shopping and going to sample sales when I can't even make it to the post office or bank. I now have run out of checks and have an expired check in my wallet so I think a trip to Citibank has to be in order on Monday.

I did hear that my paper proposal was accepted for our big annual conference (this year it is in New Orleans). It's not a huge achievement but the organization is capricious and has rejected its own president's paper in past years. I am happy to be going, especially as I plan to organize a mini bachelorette party for my dear friend Lisa there. It's the only real chance I'll get to do this before her wedding as we live on separate coasts (she's in Santa Barbara).

Monday, November 15, 2010

What I'd love...

I'd love to post more often, and present images of my findings, my covets, my photos and my outfits. But this semester has been brutal. Keeping up with the major tasks (like having lectures ready for classes, professional committee duties fulfilled, papers graded) takes up virtually every waking hour. I have new course preps across the board this semester and it isn't pretty. The last words I wrote for my own work were typed back in September. Back then, I thought it would be possible to scratch out a day or so for writing--something that now seems ridiculously optimistic. Now the smaller tasks are sliding--scanning articles, writing exam and essay questions, answering non-urgent emails (I get to the urgent ones, of course). I love the classes I'm teaching and the students have generally been great and largely patient--some of them are aware that the classes are very large (45 in my grad class) and understand that this must take up time. But I feel sorry for them too--the brutal realities are that higher education is under siege with even the most prestigious universities cutting back where they can. My articles used to be scanned by my research assistant but now I have none. And little things like that can derail you. The class sizes are the most obvious sign--45 grad students in one class is just too much for me to give them the necessary attention. In an ideal world, I'd have that time.

So what I'd love right now is a couple of days to myself to rest and still my brain. And then two days to clean house--to go through the piles of lecture notes, organize my dvds, get to the bank before all my checks expire and fold clothes. And a day to bake a pie, go to yoga, walk around the neighborhood. Then a day to do all the chores I remember when I wake up half way through the night and forget again throughout the day as one task crashes into another. And, finally, a couple of days to ease back into my research--make that a week. Without that time, I'll never finish this proposal and never get myself out of this time crunch. In academia as in business, the superstars get all the time they need to produce their work whereas the rest of us struggle with the day to day tasks involved in educating in an era where time and money are scant. I know my work has potential but finding the time to write is so difficult. At least I don't have new course preps next semester so maybe it will all be clearer then.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Midsemester Crunch

It's certainly crunch time here as is obvious from the lack of posts here. 45 grad student papers, 24 undergrad papers and ten Ph.D. dissertations all juggled for my time, along with the regular course preps. I am more than ready for the winter break but I still feel I haven't done enough of my own work to think about another year being over.

One temptation has been all the online sales. Today it was Steven Alan and the Gilt Tucker sale. I'm not a big fan of the latter but wouldn't mind owning one of their blouses. So far, all I have done is put items in my shopping carts. If they sell out, such is life, if not, maybe I'll want them. I know it sounds like an anorexic chewing food and spitting it out but I'm trying to exert some control. Next year will likely be a very expensive one and I want to save a bit of money. Plus there is Christmas coming up and I have no idea how much the airfare will be. Plus Lisa's wedding in Santa Barbara in April, so it all adds up.

On another note, Caroline has some Mayle for sale and I'll be posting some items here in the next 24 hours. She's also got some other very desirable pieces for sale, including a pair of Miu Miu cat print heels, that I'll also be posting here.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Bright Spot

I don't even want to think about the appalling results from last night and the stupidity of voters who think Republicans care anything about ordinary people.

But there was one bright spot besides New York's total Democratic victory. Welcome New York's first lady--Sandra Lee! Now I'm awaiting tablescapes at state functions and cocktail time at Albany, complete with her signature brand of semi-homemade food. I wonder if there will be a shortage of canned frosting and angel food cakes in Albany area supermarkets. I think we all need a laugh today.

If the kwanzaa cake wasn't enough for you, then enjoy the all-time classic tablescape--the one with the broken chair sprayed with gold paint.