Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today I did laundry. It was one of those exciting days... I booked my ticket to London, spent about an hour I-M-ing my brother (wonderful, hysterically funny human being), spoke to my friend Shari who I hope I'll see while I'm in Boston (brief trip and Thanksgiving commitments make these things uncertain) and spent the day doing little errands.

I also watched one of my new Criterion DVDs--Carl Dreyer's beautiful and dreamlike Vampyr (1932). It's like no other film ever--scary and beautiful. I watched all the supplementary features too (two documentaries, one made for Danish TV) until Evan asked if we could please watch something else. I highly recommend Vampyr. It features Sybille Schmitz who is the real life inspiration for Fassbinder's Veronika Voss and its leading man/producer started as a French aristocrat, sponsor of the avant garde and ended up a fashion editor in NYC (Harrper's Bazaar and, I believe, Vogue), discovering Oscar de la Renta and Calvin Klein among others.

Fittingly, it wasn't a dress up day. Earnest Sewn ginger dreams (skinny, high waist) and a brown and white checked silk Steven Alan Dahlia top.

I'm still not feeling 100%. My stomach is bothering me and I've got a bit of a headache. I suspect I ate something not so good and got some kind of low grade bacterial infection. Still, it's nothing too bad and isn't stopping me from working.

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Marti said...

ooh get better soon. there is something going around! happy turkey day!