Wednesday, November 4, 2009


After talking to one of my students today (she's writing her midterm on fashion blogs), I'm vowing to be a better blogger. So:

1. I will update most days, even if it's brief (Thursdays are so crazy and are likely impossible).

2. I will post photos--I can borrow Evan's camera until I get a new one.

3. As this is, in part, supposed to be a fashion blog of sorts, I will keep a better record of what I wear, maybe even a photographic one.

To that end, I wore my Helen today, with my Lyell scallop black silk skirt, a long gray Autumn cashmere cardi, gray hue tights, my new Jeffrey Campbell eleven strap studded wedges and Ludovine. I changed into my black and white stripe long sleeved J. Crew t with the Lyell skirt when I got home tonight after German Cinema.

I also popped into J. Crew (again) before acupuncture. I picked up the black stone and rose gold necklace, earrings and bracelet as all were on sale (pictures tomorrow, along with Peeps and Blue in their Halloween garb). Speaking of acupuncture, it was intense today--amazingly good then the feeling from the needle in my forehead was so strong that I thought I'd pass out (not sleep) or even die. It was crazy--I fought it which I know I shouldn't and wish I hadn't. The sensation was so strong that I still feel the after effects nearly 9 hours later and I actually felt a little nauseous and shaky afterwards. I wish I'd let it go, fallen asleep and let the needles do their work. Yes, I am a wimp. But it was another reminder that this is strong stuff, good stuff and that it really works. I'm hoping to go twice a week soon, as soon as my teaching schedule permits.


Marti said...

moya, dying to see the JC shoes. I ordered some flat oxfords. Cant wait for the photos.

Also isn't it amazing at acupuncture when you get such an intesne feeling? I have heard that when you feel nauseus or like passing out, the acupuncture is really working. Next time let it let you fall asleep.

Moya said...

Thanks Marti. I didn't know that it was a good sign, although I thought it might be. I panicked (especially as I had a grad class to teach just a few hours later and wanted to be alert).