Sunday, September 29, 2013


There are many reasons for my limited postings this year but they all centre around a small human being. For the last few weeks, this once good sleeper has decided that it is essential for him to be awake at all times. He's nine months old today (or will be tonight), and I believe this is known as sleep regression. Whatever it is, he refuses daytime naps and has even stopped napping when out on walks, screams hysterically if placed in his cot while still awake, will only fall asleep if nursing (a pattern that may be my fault), screams hysterically until he falls asleep otherwise, wakes up for upwards of two feeds a night and can be awake for two hours at a time. I'm behind on work/publication deadlines due to sleep deprivation although I work for as long as I can when awake. Tiredness has led me to grab empty carbs (in the shape of chocolate) several days because otherwise I would not be able to function, even though I now have prediabetes and am supposed to cut back.

It's hard but all worthwhile. I am just hoping my dear boy starts sleeping properly again soon so I can complete some embarrassingly overdue work and get on with new projects. He's brilliant in so many ways but behind on sleeping.