Monday, June 29, 2009

Back in circulation

Other than the three papers I know are coming in late, I'm finished with teaching and grading for the summer. Today, I graded a few of the stragglers, then headed in to see what was left of the Lyell sample sale. Because of grading (and a new, earlier deadline for said grades), I had to spend the weekend working and missed the first days of Lyell's sale, as well as Erica, Leon and Matthew's visit to NYC.

When I got to the sale, it was pretty heavily picked over. This was hardly surprising given the prices--most dresses $100-150, tops $50-200, most under $100 and raincoats for a mere $100. Of course, the cardigans I loved were all gone on Saturday, as were the cotton tops I liked. But the number one item I coveted--the berry print romper--was still there. At first, I couldn't get into it as the zipper was short (I tried a black linen embroidered romper and it fit perfectly, but it had a long zipper). The small zipper was likely why the romper hadn't sold. After the friendly SA laid the two garment on top of each other, I could see the berry romper was actually a shade larger, somehow wriggled into it and it was perfect. At $100 reduced from $420, it was a deal, and I splurged.

I am going to return the twenty8twelve dress to elux, though. It is a shade too big. Evan was surprised as he liked it but I just didn't think it was going to get enough wear. I am getting a Rio Plata dress from Septieme Etage, so I need to make sure I don't spend too much as this requires some economizing (says the girl who just bought a romper).

Since Mayle's sample sale, I've bought two dresses and two tops, including the Clothilde and Stella that were on my wishlist. Then there is the Billie bag that I'll hopefully pick up next week, so that's far from limited shopping. Somehow, I'm not really finding anything on ebay, nor am I finding anything at the outnet. My few consignment stores finds and purchases from friends seem to be adding up...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

End of Summer School

So it finished tonight and I have to admit to some sadness. I'll miss the students--they were good, they dealt with the crazy schedule well. In the case of my public speaking class, they excelled under pressure, producing and delivering some of the best speeches I heard (and I've taught speech many times). I mentioned to the class that it was my birthday tomorrow (in a few minutes--another year older, alas) and they all wished me happy birthday. I received many sincere thank yous and a touching email from one student. It was an insane experience, but I was fortunate to share it with these people.

Last Day of Summer School

While I am exhausted, I thought I should mark this with a post, no matter how brief. I have so many things to do other than teach--I have no time to make it to the post office and I couldn't get a card in the mail in time for Dad's birthday. I feel like a horrible daughter, but when I have to be in the middle of nowhere Flushing--and get a subway and a bus to get there--I have no time before work, no access to a mailbox while I'm there and when I get home after 10 p.m. everything is closed.

I look forward to returning to the real world, even if it means dealing with things like doctor's appointments that I was able to postpone while on my insane schedule.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mayle find

OK, I should be grading. But I feel tired, burned out after summer school (and no, it isn't over until Wednesday). I've done little today--read the NYTimes, played with cats, lazed on the couch but now it is back to serious work. I am trying to conserve some of my energy for my own work. I will set out a rigorous writing/exercise schedule for the rest of the summer--so today, I am taking some time to rest before grading 24 papers and 12 speeches.

Yesterday was a fun day. Evan and I went to dinner at a loft in Bushwick where my friends Michael and Alison are house-sitting for the summer. Before that, Cindy and I met up, looked in a few consignment stores and bought some jewelry from Poupette in the designers market. I got a sand-dollar pendant on a gold and black double chain and we both put in custom orders (I'm having a rose gold m necklace made with a small diamond, Cindy is having a small circle necklace made with a diamond imprint). Both are really reasonable--less than a second hand Mayle dress. I think mine may end up being my birthday present from Evan, as I doubt I'll find any Mayle in the next few days and I'm fear the mess I've made of my finances with Mayle closing.

But I did find a Stella top, size 10, which I'm wearing now. Pictures to follow when I find my phone charger. It's the brown and white ruffled sleeveless top from Fall 05--the one with two fabrics, like the Sascha dress. I'm very pleased with it. But there was little Mayle to find in NYC's consignment stores--I think Tokio 7 has been discovered and shopped dry by Mayle fans.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I have had a strange feeling of guilt over a couple of recent purchases: none of them are from Mayle. Why I should feel this way, I don't know. Obviously, there isn't much Mayle around, and most of it isn't my size, some items I don't want, and others I don't need or even like. Part of me feels I should be saving money for any Mayle I can find, but some pieces caught my eye recently, despite myself. All were bargains, which helped.

The two pairs of Earnest Sewn jeans I got at their recent sample sale did not cause me any guilt. Mayle rarely made jeans and I prefer to get mine from jeans specialists anyway. I got a pair of Harlans, the skinny leg, but these were somewhat loose fit so they were a nice compromise between boyfriend jeans and skinny legs. I also picked up another pair of gingers, the dark wash high waist skinny jeans I live in that have been discontinued, making them a no brainer. Both were $60 apiece.

My guilt surrounds the two dresses I bought. Can any dresses live up to Mayle? Granted, I have a few amazing Lyell dresses, but ever time I get a non-Mayle dress, coat or top, I think this was money that could have been saved up towards a Mayle find (maybe Izolda, or Gia, Sascha or even Elvira, should they ever turn up in my size). Still, I fell for the following. At Save Fashion last week, I picked up a Katy Rodriguez dress that was originally $850, marked down to $47.50. Basically, I paid the sales tax. I'd first seen this dress in Lucky a year ago and fell in love--until I saw the price tag. I was happy to take it home. It's the red and cream polka dot dress pictured above--two different fabrics, long at the back and short at the front. I think you have to be tall like me to carry it off (hence the price). Anybody under 5'8" may have problems with this dress. For once, my size was on my side when it came to bargain hunting.

This morning, while writing final essay questions for my students, I checked out elux. As you probably know, they have 50% off sale clothing, free shipping, and only limited stock is available (and no Mayle). So I went through everything and found this striped dress, again pictured above. Its by Twenty8Twelve, the line designed by Sienna Miller's sister (I HATE celebrity lines, so I say this with some embarrassment). But it was $149 and looks like a lovely summer item. I love stripes, I love the colors, and it looks like it could be easily adjusted (I'd have probably gone down to a 6 or 8, but only 10s were left). It is a cotton/silk blend so it will probably wear well in the heat--if and when summer comes.

So, I'm wondering, was I a bad girl? Disloyal? Silly to eat into my Mayle fund? I hate the idea of dressing in one designer from head to toe yet find myself doing precisely that way too often...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Outnet disappointment

I was about to check out of the outnet yesterday with my size 10 Tana and the size 6 Gia and their software failed to recognize my password--the one I'd used less than two hours earlier. I tried several times, asked for a reminder (not that I need one--it's the password I use for my work email and computer access), received none. So I signed up again and in the interim somebody purchased the Tana. I was really upset, particularly as I missed out on the Vilna on the UK site that morning. To make matters worse, the size 10 Filipa pants I'd stalked for over a year on NAP had also sold. Then the Gia in 6 sold out as I decided to bite the bullet and get it, even though I may need an 8.

So, if you bought these, or have an 8 Gia for sale, and they don't fit you, please let me know so I can take them off your hands If you live in NYC, we can meet and that way you don't have to pay return shipping.

I'm so upset that a computer error on the Outnet's end caused these to slip away from me. I'd input all my addresses and cc info so I'd assumed I wouldn't have to sign in, create a new account and in that time, lose items that were near the top of my wishlist. I really hate the outnet for this. And, no, they did not respond to my email complaining about this bug on their end. Their customer service is pretty awful and they generally ignore emails. I feel conned and cheated--and angry I wasted so much time trying to fix this yesterday, as well as repeatedly logging in in the hopes that the items I wanted would reappear.

I wish stores would stock more 8-10. It's not surprising that all the larger sizes have now gone--no 8s, no 10s, but plenty of 2-4.

But I guess my call for more large size Mayle is moot given that there is no more Mayle, unless you have money for the SE gowns.


It's 1.24 am and I should be asleep. I've just finished writing one of my lectures for tomorrow and I'm unfortunately wired, so this seems as good a time as any to update the blog. As this makes clear, my schedule is crazy. I will be finished with teaching one week from tomorrow--and not a day too soon.

Today was a tough one too. I woke up last night to a scratching cat. Make that a sick, scratching cat, or rather two. Peeps had diarreah, then Blue vomited. I suspect they chewed on something forbidden (maybe a plant?) and I hope that was all. But suddenly, I had to tend to two sick animals. I realize how parents must feel as I tried to get back to sleep amidst my concerns that neither of my babies were well. As of now, they both appear better (Peeps just left my side, where she was gently snoring, to go and munch on some Wellness). Blue's somewhere, doing whatever naughty boy cats do when left to their own devices (I suspect it's sleeping).

Then I missed out on Mayle today, big time. Another long sad saga of obsession, waiting, and, believe it or not, computer error--not mine. It's all too sad to discuss here. I hope that size 10 Tana, 8 Vilna and a Gia in my size (whatever that turns out to be--6, 8 or 10) wends their way towards me one day soon.

In the meantime, I guess I do need the money for credit card bills and for acupuncture (I have to make an appointment soon) and, seemingly inevitably, IVF. At this point, it appears my hopes and desperate prayers for a healthy natural conception are in vain.

So, off to bed. In 8 hours, it will all start again. At least the weather hasn't teased my students with sunbeams and soft breezes. And I have got plenty of wear out of my dear Belda trench.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mayle for Sale, Part XVII

Also, as some of you likely know, Marti is selling her bronze Reiko from the Ten Little Indians re-editions.

Marti writes:
Hi guys. I am going to sell my re-edition reiko. I haven't worn it and don't think I will. Its a 10 little indians limited re-edition. Its a size 6. As you know the number of reiko's made for the pop up shop were limited. It was the hottest selling dress in Mayle history - selling out BEFORE it hit the floor (I bought my black and buttercups the DAY the stock arrived in the back room!). Its new, and I still have the tag.

Let me know if you are interested. email me an offer mzimlin[AT]gmail(dot)com
Please keep in mind that as this is a RARE edition piece, essentially one of a kind I am looking for around what I paid.

Mayle for Sale, Part XVI

I have been slow to post these, due to summer school, but before I head off to the DMV today, I wanted to get these up on the blog.

First, Melissa is selling her Jemeen in black and white. I have this dress and can vouch that it is both beautiful and easy to wear. The fabric is also remarkably soft. The dress runs a little large and fits a range of sizes (I have the 6). I've received a number of compliments on mine, even one from a student.

Melissa writes:

NWT black and white Jemeen dress in Size 0 bought from Mayle boutique at 30% off $575. Will fit a size 0-4. Please contact lormel13 AT gmail DOT com with offers.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer School

Sorry for the silence--I am teaching two classes of summer school. It's the four week session, so each meets three times a week. Basically, I only have time to eat, teach, prep classes, grade, sleep so the blog will be updated only intermittently for the next week or two.

I do have two Mayle for sale items to post (watch this space)--a Jemeen and a Reiko re-edition. I'll also post photos of my altered Rosamelia and my new Clothilde.

But this will have to wait until I can grab my breath. Thursday I don't teach but I do have to go to the DMV and renew my driver's license before that privilege is forever suspended.

It's midnight. I just prepared two lectures and haven't finished my dinner yet. Eight hours and it all starts again. Good night!