Saturday, November 7, 2009

Topshop black dress and my Bracque belt

That about sums it up for today. I got dressed, realized my passport wasn't where I thought it was, turned all my drawers, piles of sweaters, bags, belts and shoes out onto the bed and other available surfaces. Finally, it turned up (it was in a make-up bag in the very basket I thought housed my passport).

After that, I graded. Then we got Thai food from Srirprathai, watched some of this morning's 90210 (the real one, the good one that's getting into its greatest years--the sophomore, junior and senior college years where the show gets increasingly crazy). Then it was back to grading.

For this scintillating Saturday, I wore navy tights (because they were in my hands after going through my very overstuffed tights drawer), a long sleeved black topshop mini dress from around 2004 and bracque, which now buckles on the second hole! When we went out for take out, I combined it with Olympe, my grey and red Steven Alan hat and Fiorentini and Baker flat gray boots. I did put on red Chanel lipstick for the first time in many moons. I was worried it might be a little harsh and aging but I actually think the reverse was true--I'll have to see how it looks in daylight.

And now, it's back to work.


Marti said...

oooh i want to see pictures!!!!

Moya said...

I have to get a new camera! Evan has one so I might borrow it and take a few photos this week, including some of the outfits I wore last week.

Marti said...

i like the idea of documenting - though the photos that I manage to take never look great. its tough if you have to take it yourself.