Friday, January 30, 2009

Mayle Spring 09?

KK just posted that Refinery 29 announced Mayle would be doing another highly limited collection and staying open until April. Obviously, it's thrilling news for us obsessive fans. While I was making dinner yesterday, I thought about how there would be no new lookbooks to flick through, no more planning and strategizing about which items to buy and when to get them. Then, last night, I dreamed that there was another final Mayle collection and, on waking, I thought it would even be great if she even remade some of her greatest hits (resort 06 please!) the way she did with the sandals and boots this season.

Getting this news gives me hope--and makes me wonder if I'm psychic (joke), if dreams come true, and if odds can be overturned. All of which takes me back to the baby stuff and makes me hope that one can work out in the same way.

But I also had a few other thoughts. When I was in Mayle a couple of weeks ago--the first day of the fall 60% markdowns--I spoke to Elise and asked when in February they were closing. She said no date had been set and it would be at least the end of the month. Given the real estate market, I'm sure that tenants aren't lining up to rent a small space, even a beautiful one, in Nolita. I also noticed several other shuttered/for rent storefronts near Mayle. While Elizabeth Street is lovely, most of the other boutiques are pretty dismal and seem to have little foot traffic. Mayle, Steven Alan, possibly Lyell, the gross Tory Burch and the sneaker store seem the exceptions, along with the perenially crowded Cafe Habana. So, it's possible a month-by-month lease extension was offered.

Secondly, business has been great for them as the recession killed other stores/designers--no elaboration needed. While we all have likely spent more on Mayle--buying before final markdowns, getting items we loved but might have otherwise skipped--we're not spending elsewhere. Fall 07 was one of her most amazing collections and much more went on sale--and was drastically reduced. This year, items have flown off the shelves. Maybe the closing down notice was good for sales (I'm sure it was), but regardless, she's done well when nobody else could sell items even at 80% off. This must have factored into the decision to stay in business.

Third, this will likely be really limited as most of her stockists aren't even selling resort/holiday. As I discovered in the UK, her international distribution has already pretty much ceased--Harvey Nicks didn't carry any Mayle after resort/holiday 07. So I imagine most of these pieces will be solely for the boutique and maybe Barneys/Opening Ceremony LA.

I anticipate this means there won't be much in the way of reductions. But on the positive side, I think it could mean resort/holiday gets another discount as people decide whether to get the really new items or go for the resort/holiday pieces on 30% markdown.

This may, of course, mean no final sample sale to close up house, especially as stock is pretty low. I'd even imagine that the new collection may revisit older styles, older fabrics, unless this was planned months in advance.

It could also mean that the idea of leaving refreshed Jane Mayle's desire to stay in business. Maybe hearing/reading various laments caused her to reconsider. Certainly, the girls at the store seemed a little happier than one would expect for people losing their jobs in a recession.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mayle Sale at Coplons

Thanks to Christina and Susie, I just splurged again. Christina pointed out that Coplons in Virginia ( have Mayle at 70% off. This is fall only--they didn't receive resort or holiday, a refrain we've heard before. On a tangent, I don't get why stores like Jake in Chicago that were so loyal to Mayle weren't able to get these last collections.

So, I just spent $308 on the Paradiso top at $125 and Harumi Kiyoko--the Kiyoko dress with Eden print inserts (which I have never seen) for $165. I hope it isn't just Harumi which I own. Shipping is $15. They are very friendly--Southern hospitality isn't a myth--and apparently they have some Eniko dresses left, although not in my size I imagine (I already own it in Paradiso anyway).

Also, eluxury has 30% off sale Mayle items, but most of these can be found cheaper elsewhere at this point.

So, at this point, I have 12 items from Mayle's Fall collection, including Billie Doux in suede. But I'm so disinterested in everything else out there that I imagine it will be a lean shopping year, with just a few Steven Alan pieces added to my closet. Even recession sales aren't tempting as I just don't want the items at any price.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lyell sample sale

Usually, I'd get up super early and rush over to this by 11 am. But with Mayle closing, IVF costs and the recession, I wasn't sure if I wanted to drop hundreds of dollars earmarked for Zora, Hera and their friends. So, I watched Beverley Hills 90210 on SoapNet (my Saturday morning ritual--watch a few episodes, TiVo the rest for later in the week), worked on the book and finally made it to Lyell around 4.30 p.m.

There was a lot of stock, but mostly items I wasn't interested in. I don't buy silk camisoles--it's too hot and humid to get decent wear out of them in the summer and they just seem too late 1990s-early 2000s to me. There were many of them here. Other items in good supply were the blue evening gown (beautiful but something of no use to me), pencil skirts (which I don't need), thin glittery knit sweaters and the moon-print dress and shirt from resort. Evidently, there were other pieces in shorter supply that I would have possibly purchased, like the red blouse from resort, but they'd all sold out early on. The blouse I got from Barneys is being remade and wasn't reduced, and the skirt wasn't in the sale either so that was good. And the smocked blouse from holiday/resort is also being continued for spring so that wasn't reduced either--and it was the main item I wanted.

Lyell runs small and I am still a bit heavier than usual after eating too much chocolate over Christmas. Most items went up to an 8, which was really a 6. I could tell I wasn't going to leave with a big bag of clothes. I ended up getting the moon print dress from resort for $110. It is a tiny bit small but I'll likely lose the weight or get pregnant, so I went for it. It seems pretty timeless and more versatile than some of the more ornate items.

Maybe I should have gotten up earlier, but I'm relieved I didn't spend a fortune after last week, especially with Mayle's closure coming up ever faster.

Friday, January 23, 2009

An insane week

If last week was one of many posts and too much fun shopping, this week was one of brutal reality. I worked on the problem chapter from the book--one on film censorship that I was not sure I wanted to keep, got it in shape, read through (most) of the book and cut about 50 pages so far and realized it was pretty good. The book is on 1910s cinema and Progressivism, looking at how its ideology structured texts/contexts, so it is pretty dry. No fashion, I'm afraid, although I have written about early cinema and fashion elsewhere, as well as male fashion, film and sexuality.

Then there was yesterday. My not so great IVF clinic visit where I was basically told I may have left it too late. But there is a chance and I am determined to buck the odds. I had no idea fertility really did fall after 35--I assumed it was ideology, not biology. But I can't go back in a time machine and get pregnant at 34. Believe me, I would if that was possible! So I am hoping that I can buck the odds. It's horrible but I think I am at a global leading clinic so maybe they can do what others cannot. I have to think positively about this.

So, tomorrow I am going to the Lyell sale. Their email stated there would be more stock than usual because of returns, given the economic situation. It's cash only so I am only taking $200-$250. Given the costs I face to get pregnant, one last hurrah seems to be in order. I have to keep telling myself I can be one of those who bucks the odds--I am in good shape, keep healthy and that has to count for something.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Afternoon Mayle

I am not doing very well in my resolution to cut back spending. The main reason is Mayle's closure and my inability to resist the beautiful items on sale.

I was stunned when I entered the Elizabeth Street store--there was a lot of fall and holiday stock I hadn't previously seen. Opening Ceremony LA have shipped all their stock to Mayle, including items that had sold out so early in the season I never saw them like Kaiya, Yves in dove, Harumi in Eden and in Black, Amandine skirt, Mariko in rose and Michi in rose (beautiful but not available in my size). There were also some prefall shirts in black or white silk jacquard and little pleated soft cardigans with short puffed sleeves that were evidently pre-fall but had sold out immediately. They also had the Marie Laure and Eunice pants. Both were horrid on me. Eunice in 8 were too small (while the 10 was huge) and made my hips look big; Marie Laure just didn't look good. Rex in size 10 looked hideous on me, so I guess I'm not getting any Mayle pants.

The stock was pretty extensive and while the shop had customers, it wasn't crazy. Most of the customers were really friendly and we bonded over our love for Mayle, the line's imminent closure and commented that Mayle was really the only label we'd buy right, given the credit crunch.

I tried on a few items--Harumi in size 0 which fit. It's supposed to be huge but I liked the slightly tighter fit. By this I mean it is still really loose and would work if I got pregnant. The Eden print is very pretty and the silk very fine. I got the little pre-fall cardigan in a lilac/tan shade with a black border. It is incredibly soft and I love it. Harumi was $224 at 60% off, the cardigan was $170 (originally $420). I also got my Billie Doux in the sable suede for $260.

I tried on the flat knee high boots. They felt like slippers and I love them but they are $585 and that would mean no more Mayle. I put them on hold and think I'll just have to pass, especially as I got these boots (above) from Belle for $180 on my way back to the subway--again, 70% off. I loved the Mayle flat boots but these were a lot cheaper. I do want a pair of flat boots but do I want the Mayle boots because they are Mayle and comfortable or because they are beautiful? I think it is all of the above.

Jane Mayle was in the store when I was there--but she seemed busy and so I didn't speak to her. I tend to subscribe to my friend Sean's theory of "never meet the band." If you like their work and they aren't pleasant, then it sullies everything.

I imagine there could be another round of discounts on holiday/resort. Fall is in short supply and people were buying cardigans, boots, and fall stock. I saw a few people buying resort and virtually nobody buying holiday. Most of the fall bags are gone, including the Jeanne in Loden that I'd hoped to find. All the sandals sold out when I was in the UK.

My wish list remains
Zora in Black (and if not, orange or putty). They recut this so there is a lot in stock.
Hera blouse
Mirabelle (if I can find it in black)
Asina (if they have it--I think it may be sold out)
Thea in putty or black
Theodora in black
Helen Blouse in persimmon
Zeta blouse
Maybe Astrid

The knee high boots
Agnes bag in either color
Any belt

I know I'll only get a fraction of this. It would be nice to have something from both resort and holiday (and I guess I have one holiday item). Resort may end up being the season that got away. It looked more picked over and seemed to have fewer items remaining--not surprising as it is intended more for everyday wear than holiday.

So,this week I ended up spending over $1,100 on clothes and accessories. Not good even for the sales. I'm going to enter a spartan period soon and post pictures of my closet, what I have done to mix things up, etc. It will be Steven Alan outlet and the Lyell sample sale and that will be that.

On a related note: I got my Steven Alan hats and cannot praise my beret too much. The other hat is great but the beret is the softest and most beautiful hat I've ever had. If you have $19 to spare, get one. You will love it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mayle Sale

I just got an email announcing the Mayle sale (interrupting my writing about film censorship in Chicago in 1907-14...). It sounds OK but not necessarily splendid. Here goes:

Starting tomorrow, Fall clothing 60% off; Holiday & Resort clothing 30% off

Select accessories are also on sale.

Susie--are you up for meeting in the frigid cold? I don't know if I need more Fall, and I want more than 30% off Holiday and Resort. Still, it is a start.

That said, the last Mayle sale at 40% off was not only a zoo, but the items were available elsewhere for less. Totokaelo and Hush have their resort and holiday stock for less. And I just got Penilope yesterday for over 60% off. Just a note, I feel illiterate typing Penilope and cannot understand why the dress wasn't called Penelope. I guess this is what happens when you are a professor and one of your responsibilities is teaching writing.

Barneys Finds

I guess I missed most of the deals while I was in England, because there was very little stock in Barneys. The entire Mayle and Lyell remnants were on a single rack--and it wasn't full. Julie at Barneys was great, collecting all the size 8 and 10s for me, but there wasn't much to deal with. She said Mayle had sold quickly once it had gone on sale as it was the final collection. I have a feeling the Elizabeth Street store won't have huge reductions and will be pretty picked over, but there may be some items left. I'll post what I find when I go there, maybe later today on the way to meet Evan (we have to go to Macy's to get a new comforter) and he has to go into work. He knows I am watching my spending because of the IVF so I don't want to look irresponsible.

First of all, the Eunice pants run very large--I tried on a ten and could have got them on and off without unbuttoning them. I needed maybe a 6. It was a shame because I imagine they would have looked great otherwise. The fabric has quite a bit of stretch in it, so maybe a 4 may have even worked. It was disappointing but that's sale shopping.

Olympia is a great dress--on the hanger. I am tall and flat chested. It made me look stocky as there is so much draping around the chest. Enough said. I think you have to be a model to carry this one off. Certainly, I rarely look stocky or chunky on top.

The only other items in my size was Penilope (size 8) which I bought. It is soft, fits and drapes really well and I can imagine it will work well in the summer as it isn't silk. Also, for $109, I couldn't say no.

Basically, I missed the boat. I imagine these reductions were in place over the weekend when I was so jetlagged I thought I was in England and tried explaining American TV to Evan (who is from Long Island) as I was surprised to see American commercials. Maybe it was for the best I didn't go shopping then.

As for other sizes, if you are a size 4 or 0, the white pre-fall top is in stock. There are blue Gia camisoles. Size 0-4 Rex pants from resort are also plentiful and Miho tops. One Ebba in black, size 8 (this dress didn't work on me as it was too baggy in the chest and too narrow on the hips).

I did break my vow and spend some money, though. I tried on two Lyell items--the black silk A-line skirt with scalloped insert detailing from holiday (reduced from $435 to $129). It draped beautifully, has great details and will be a great basic. It was one of those pieces I didn't want to get--I wanted to save the money for Mayle, but it worked so well it made me rethink my recent disappointments with Lyell. As did the top above. It is less silky--I think it is a medium-heavy silk-wool crepe--and it drapes beautifully. It was $179, which is a lot, reduced from $585, but I loved it and will wear it forever.

I will post pictures of these and other finds as I get my camera to work (still trying to work out the logistics of taking my own photos as I cannot turn off my flash).

So, I am beginning to resign myself to getting very little from the last two Mayle collections. I hope I can pick up a couple of pieces and it would be great if Hera, Zora, Melia and the Rex pants were among them, but I'm not particularly optimistic about this. Still, in a week I have my first appointment to see if I can get IVF, and a baby is a far higher priority than clothes. At this point, I'm trying to be positive and thus enjoying my body and clothing while I can. Hopefully, I'll be pregnant soon and living in Steven Alan shirts and maternity denim.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Barneys Redux

Having just checked Barneys online, I saw new reductions. Of course, this preyed on my mind. I have to write today, but while I was printing up my chapter, I couldn't concentrate and decided to call the store. This is not something I'd thought of doing before but it worked. While several items I coveted have sold out in my size (Zora and Melia, even Theodora), the following were available and are on hold for me. I suggest going in and looking--holiday is nearly sold out but is 60% off.

My on-hold stock is:

Eunice pants $159--I may very well get these if they fit as I am so short on pants
Penilope $189--More of a long shot. Online it is listed at $109, which I would pay, but $189 is too much

Olympia dress, $219. I am leaning towards this even though I have a lot of black Mayle dresses. It is hard-to-find, sold out immediately in the store and fit me well.

Jemeen, size 6. Likely not--it is still over $300 and this one I think isn't going anywhere fast.

Miho--which I know now I don't really want or need.

It may end up being a three post day for me. But now with my mind completely clear, I can get in a good 6 hours of work before heading uptown.

Steven Alan Sale

My good resolutions seem to be crumbling--at least my shopping ones. I just checked out the Steven Alan page to accompany my morning coffee. He has 80% off all scarves and hats. I just bought the button hat in navy for $29--it's the one Erica has--and the red and gray striped beret for $19. Both are cashmere and both are beautiful. I decided to order online and swallow the $9 shipping as I didn't want to miss either and because I can't take today off to shop. That said, I have to get to a Steven Alan soon--maybe this weekend--to see what they have left.

Also, in shopping news, Eluxury finally marked Mayle down by 40%. They also have another 20% off all sale items. I'm wondering about the fall blouses but somehow $200 seems a lot for them. I really want Zora and Hera, which they don't have, and want to see what is left in Barneys and Mayle before I go for a top that may not look good against my too fair skin.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting organized

I suppose this is one of my de facto New Year's resolutions. I'm trying to use my jetlag gainfully by getting up early and dealing with those niggling problems first thing rather than letting them pile up. This morning, I got up at 7, ordered my books for the semester (way too late but I wanted to change one title and spent too long thinking about it). I then dealt with the issue of my missing health insurance membership cards which has troubled me since I returned. I changed to an insurer who covers 75% of IVF, but didn't receive any cards. This wasn't so troubling when I left for the UK in December, but it was when I returned to no cards. The only saving grace was one of those post office forms, but that turned out to be a Christmas gift. The old Moya would have panicked and called her health insurer/HR only a day before her appointment. The new one called at 9.30 this morning, as they opened, and was reassured with the good news that all is fine and the cards must have been lost in transit.

The old me would have celebrated this by rushing off to Bird and Barneys. Good for blogging, perhaps, but not so much for my overall goals: finish book, get pregnant, get a more stable job (hopefully this means keeping the one I have right now). Instead, I'm going to work on the book today. Hopefully I can finish it before school starts and get to Barneys and Bird.

Also, on a related note. Eluxury is going to discontinue e-commerce and become a luxury blog/magazine, as you likely already know. I'm wondering when this will lead to sales. All their fall Mayle is full price, even though many items have not really sold. I imagine there's a large group of us who check in daily in case items on our wishlists are reduced, only to find everything is still full price. A few months ago, I guesstimated they'd start reductions in January, maybe February. But that was before the economic collapse. I would get a Jeanne bag in loden, a Billie Doux in black, a couple of fall blouses, and my resort-holiday pieces as part of a final sale splurge, but nothing appears to be forthcoming. Totokaelo have started their reductions on resort, but I hope the Mayle store has more reductions. I'm not optimistic as their online shop appears to have sold out of many items, even Bebbo in size 10 (a dress that I can't imagine many people wanting given the unfortunate choice of fabric).

That said, I am trying to be a good girl and save more for what promises to be an expensive, volatile and possibly difficult, possibly thrilling year. I was restrained yesterday. An ebay auction for the Vanya dress in pink, size 8, finished yesterday. I was tempted to bid, especially as nobody else had shown interest, but I reminded myself that this dress runs small in the back--I really needed a 10. I had also dismissed it after trying it on in Barneys as a little poofy and odd on my body. So, I let it go and someone else got it for the listed price ($150). And I feel a little pride in my restraint that will be all the greater if I do a significant chunk of writing today.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Basics from the sales

I fought off the jet-lag, cleaning and work to do a little shopping on Saturday. I have yet to make it to Barneys, Mayle or Bird. Evan advised me that J. Crew had some decent sales (he was so thrilled with his two pairs of $12 chinos that he went back for a third pair) and suggested shopping. This is not that common as he's more interested in music and sports, so I was obviously happy to go along.

J.Crew has 30% off final reductions--plus another 15% off for students and all teachers/faculty. I found a black cashmere turtleneck in the reduced pile. While priced at $159, it was actually $59 and with the extra percentages, it came to just over $35. I also got pajama bottoms for $17. The sweater is a basic and while I'd like it to have longer sleeves (I have long arms) and be more form fitting, it will get worn a lot. I nearly bought an orange wool skirt but decided it was too long and not ideal.

Club Monaco also had 40% off all sale items. I was not impressed with their fall collections this year, but they do have some good cashmere--usually the holiday line that runs more expensive and has more style than the standard v-necks. Last year I snagged my favorite cardigan there--a double breasted, shawl collared long jacket style that I live in. For the $149 I paid, it was a bargain (I think it was originally nearly $400). I didn't see anything as great this year, but they had a couple of promising items, one of them a very long cardigan with interesting thick buttons and a double placket. They only had them left in orange and pink, so I got the orange which was down from $249 to $69 with another 40% off making it $41.40 (I think). I also got a big red cashmere scarf/wrap for $35 and a pair of elbow-length cashmere gloves for just over $11.

Despite this haul, there were slim pickings. I had to look hard for what I wanted (my scarf was a unisex item I found in the men's department and was the only one left that wasn't neon yellow or winter white). The stock in the women's area must have sold out while I was away.

I am not convinced I'll find much else in Barneys or elsewhere. The listings on ebay suggest some (delusional) vendors are buying up old Mayle stock and trying to get insanely high prices ($450 for dresss from summer 08) on the grounds that this is the last collection. I think the Ebba and Liliane dresses and Miho tops that litter ebay right now are straight from Barneys with some shopper thinking this is a way to clean up. I don't think there are that many buyers out there right now, what with the credit crunch and all that.

On another note, I have to clean out my closet and clear out my room. I can't spend much this year, but I can make my spaces nicer and I have too many books, papers, and clothes that I don't need. I want to create an atmosphere that is hopeful and bright, where I can be organized and hopefully prepare for a baby as well as for my next book. Evan keeps his desk relatively uncluttered and I have to do the same.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

London update

I've spent the past two weeks relaxing, seeing friends and family and eating way too much. English food does not match its reputation: people are obsessed with food but they largely eat at home. English supermarkets are divine. I often wander around in a daze thinking about all the items I want to eat, circling stores repeatedly to the bafflement of my companions. Nobody can believe that the huge American grocery stores seen in all those movies can really be filled with so little of interest and so much that is bad for you. When I lived in Pittsburgh, I swear the only grocery store chain in town (a particularly abject specimen) filled its shelves with potato chips and varieties of cheap cooked meats. I should also add that English deserts, like English chocolate, are particularly sublime and if I don't stop eating them, I'll not be able to fit in any of my clothes.

London is also filled with little patisseries, cafes, concession stands and the like, many with the prettiest macaroons, flans, fruit and chocolate pastries. It's a good job it is a walking city.

I have done little shopping but the sales are good and the exchange rate very favorable (weak pound, strong dollar). Yesterday and today, I tackled the sales, first with my dear friend Sarah in tow, then on my own. Sarah is pictured above. She is a great singer and her first album comes out this spring (

Sarah and I hit Selfridges yesterday and found excellent reductions on underwear, bags, and some contemporary lines. Alas, most of the items that interested me were full price. I also thought that the contemporary selection was not as strong as Barneys, and saved my money for when I returned to NYC. We did, however, see Victoria Beckham's dresses, tellingly placed next to Roland Mouret's RM line. A brief inspection suggests they are clearly from the same mind and producers. Her dresses were tiny and strongly boned. They felt more like costumes than dresses--stiff, unyielding, heavy. I imagine they will last forever but can't imagine they'd be fun to wear.

Sarah and I also tackled some of the high street stores. First, Topshop at Oxford Circus which was hell to get into and unbearably crowded inside. Nothing much appeared to be of interest--they had ripped off Steven Alan's gathered cotton plaid shirts, one of which I was wearing (Sarah commented that they had copies of "my shirt"). I paid $49 for mine at the Outlet last month; Topshop were charging £49 for poor quality knock offs. Other than that, the store was packed with racks of cheaply made sale items, many of them creased and shopworn. Topshop is hit and miss. They sometimes have great items but this wasn't the case today. I also find I don't wear my cheap Topshop finds very often.

We also hit COS, the higher end H&M store clearly influenced by Marni, Dries and Prada. I'd been excited to go there: the higher price points and the beautiful lookbooks had raised my interest even though it's not really my style. Alas, it just looked blah--most pieces looked more suited for older women and the muted colors were the wrong side of drab.

Today, I hit the shops alone (Sarah had a gig and had to rehearse this afternoon). My plan was to go to higher end stores and boutiques--after all, Selfridges impressed me the most yesterday. I wanted to go to Browns and Matches (two higher end stores that supposedly stock Mayle) and end up at Harvey Nichols, perhaps the nearest thing to a Barneys in the UK, another Mayle stockist, and the store much loved by Ab Fab's Patsy and Eddie. Browns was rather unimpressive--I think the uber-high end labels mixed with smatterings of Phillip Lim (improbably most highly regarded in the UK right now) appeared stale in the same way as Zirna Kabete, except the people in Browns were nice, unlike the snooty staff in ZB. I asked about Mayle and they had no idea what I was talking about but they were very sweet about it. Finding nothing in Browns, I headed down South Moulton Street (a street reminiscent of Madison Avenue in terms of its stores, if not its appearance), popping into Whistles (a grown up Topshop), All Saints (a new British store that seemed to have an identity crisis--part goth, part deconstructed oatmeal sweaters, part ersatz Vivienne Westwood) and ended up at Fenwicks. I've never been impressed with this store--it is poorly laid out and its buyers consider Tracey Reese cutting edge. I didn't change my opinion today.

I couldn't find Matches, so I headed off to Harvey Nicks and went looking for Mayle. I hit paydirt in the 70% off section on the third floor. They had Pitsula in cream, Pina in ivory, Leda in almond, Bebel and Zandi. I know that Bebel looks awful on me, but I tried on the rest. Pitsula looked as bad on in the cream color as it did in the floral, Zandi was horrible on me--I confess that I didn't like the print at all and always thought this was one of Jane Mayle's rare misfires. Pina was disappointing in ivory--it was the wrong shade for my skin--so I crossed it off my wishlist. I'd come close to getting Leda last April in Mayle's sale and today, it came home with me. As I went to pay, I noticed a slight lipstick stain at the top and got another £10 reduction. It was £120, which should be about $170 or so at the current exchange rate. I am very happy with my find--it will work well with a t-shirt underneath as well as on its own. If anybody knows how to remove a lipstick stain (albeit a barely visible one) from a cotton dress, I'd love to hear your tips.

Alas, Harvey Nicks did not carry recent Mayle collections--and I suspect few London retailers do. It appears resort 07 was the last line stocked as there were no traces of more recent items. I happen to think Mayle's resort and holiday lines are amongst her strongest so I was happy to get a dress that I had on my wishlist.

Tomorrow, Sarah and I are planning to get breakfast and hit a few boutiques. I feel I should look for European labels but I'm no longer an expert in London retail and can't seem to find much Isabel Marant, APC or other smaller, interesting lines. Finding Mayle took some work too, but I am happy, if largely spent out for this vacation.

Incidentally, I have lived in my Steven Alan gathered and reverse seam shirts, Inhabit cashmere sweaters, Earnest Sewn jeans and denim skirt and Odette coat this vacation, with occasional dress days where Pina, Eniko and Mariya have come out to play. When I get home, I'm heading over to Steven Alan to see what's new in the outlet and I'm hoping that I can get the LC Tuttle sandals that are on sale in Bird as well as any reduced Mayle items in Barneys and the-soon-to-be-much-missed Elizabeth St. store. I swear, then, I will be on a shopping freeze for a long time. At the very least, I will try.