Sunday, November 22, 2009

Testing out Fletcher by Lyell

Yesterday was primariily frustrating. I tried to install a new printer driver with limited success (it took two hours because of compatibility issues with Evan's external dvd drive--the one on my laptop has broken). Then we went to pick up a coffee table we bought from cragislist. The coffee table is great--a Pottery Barn one from three years ago that's actually a lot nicer than the updated one and has the big drawer and shelves I need for my papers/book/grading. But our movers got stuck in tunnel traffic--we assumed Queens-midtown but actually it was the Lincoln tunnel. I waited with Evan for 1 hour, then left to hit Trader Joe's. Meanwhile, he waited for another hour before they arrived (fortunately there was a lobby in the building). Then there was the cable outage--first sound, then the sound back but the remote control wouldn't work, and finally, after two boosts from Time Warner, the cable resolved whatever issues it had.

I wore my new Fletcher top and cardigan with my Lyell box pleat skirt (almost copying an outfit from the SS 2007 lookbook), Lyell little girl peacoat, grey Fiorentini and Baker boots and my Mayle Agnes bag. The top is great--granted the silk and lace are a little lower in quality than the Lyell original (which I don't have) but the difference in quality is minimal. There are also two tweaks that make this more wearable than the original--the lace panel isn't as big or as low as the Lyell version and it is a shade longer, so it hits my hips, making it far more versatile. One of Lyell's problems, for me, is that some of her tops are cut too short in the torso--a style decision but not one that I like, preferring longer tops myself. The cardigan is also great--the sleeves are 3/4 whereas the originals were short and puffed (the longer sleeved cardigan which I have was only available in ivory cashmere or brown wool). I think it may possibly pill but no sign of that as yet. I hope it won't as both of these are great--I highly recommend them. They don't look cheap at all and blend in seamlessly with my more expensive Lyell and Mayle items.

We went to a new Thai place in East Elmherst last night--Ayada. It was amazing. Everything tasted fresh and I think it is a new favorite, up there with Sriprathai--although this place was good for the lighter dishes and Sriprathai better for heavier food. It was also cheap--entrees around $8. Amazingly good and the people who ran it were so nice.


LivKate said...

You outfit sounds great. I would love to see it. How is the new borough treating you? It sounds like you found a great new restaurant.

erica said...

are the sleeves slightly gathered on the cardigan? i remember being put off by the extra puffy sleeves on the more recent version, but i wouldn't mind a small amount of gathers. i loved that dark brown wool and am still annoyed that i didn't buy it when i had the chance. your outfit sounds darling.

thai sounds yummy. it's the only thing i feel like eating now that winter is coming. for some reason i lose all appetite as the days get shorter. probably SAD, i guess!

Moya said...

Thanks Monica and Erica. I like exploring the food out here--if anything, East Elmhurst seems more promising than Jackson Heights because it has even more Thai/Korean/Vietnamese options. We'll have to try some of them when we get together.

The cardigan has just slightly gathered sleeves, Erica, nothing like as puffy as the original. It is really a lot more wearable.

christina said...

So happy you're blogging again!
I went to one of my local UO but couldn't find any Fletcher pieces, specifically the chiffon cardigan that is currently online. I'd love to see photos of your new Lyell top!

There's a sz 10 Therese on ebay right now!

Moya said...

Thanks for the tip on Therese, Christina. I haven't seen the chiffon cardigan yet but I'll look again and report back. I think UO are putting different pieces in each store. Each NYC store has different items--and some have none at all. I don't think the pieces are that rare. I'll let you know about the size and condition as soon as I see one.