Friday, November 13, 2009


So, time for a rare Thursday update (8 hours teaching plus travel times doesn't really allow for much of anything else). I can't believe the semester is nearly over--my classes for next semester are filling up already and I'm barely digging my way out from the last of the midterms/paper proposals.

So, not too much to say. I wore Clothilde with some black skinny pants,Vince gray cardi, JC shoes and Olympe today. I  really need to get another pair of skinny black pants as these are now a little too loose.


Marti said...

doesn't it feel great to need new pants!!!

Moya said...

Yes! Although I have to admit I felt frumpy in them yesterday. It was kind of a shame as I really liked them. I guess I'll never have skinny thighs so I won't be able to pull off Olsen skinny, but I'm looking for something like that.