Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Trip

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. We headed up to Boston to visit Evan's sister, brother-in-law and nieces and nephew. I love Evan's family and always have a good time with them. I think the ultimate compliment was when his 15-year old nephew eschewed hanging out with a friend because he wanted to spend the time with the family.

For the trip (Amtrak), I wore my Earnest Sewn Ginger jeans, Fiorentini and Baker boots, Mariko top in dove and my grey Vince cashmere boyfriend cardigan with Olympe. Lots of grey and maybe a little warm for the still balmy weather. When we arrived, everybody was in jeans so rather than changing into Ignacia, I stayed casual. As Evan's sister's family mainly eat organic food, I was fine with my diet although I did have a slice of cheesecake which isn't on the list of approved foods.

The next day we did some Black Friday shopping--I got a bar of soap from Anthropologie and two pairs of pyjama pants (for the price of one) from the Gap. We were in the suburbs so nothing too exciting although I did not that the local UO had selections from the Fletcher by Lyell line, including the lace top I just bought. Better than the shopping was my companion--my friend Shari from grad school spent most of the day with us. We shopped, mainly window shopping, talked, laughed and then went back to Evan's family's house where we ate dinner and Shari (who is, among many other things, a yoga teacher) taught some poses to Evan's nieces. For all this, I wore Katia, the thick navy wool cardigan with wooden buttons from F/W 06 that I need to get repaired (I love this cardigan) and my grey boots/grey tights with Olympe.

Saturday I returned (same travel outfit), then went to see some friends who had a baby on Thanksgiving--the child is adorable. We bought them Thai food and I sat in some soy milk although fortunately my skirt was fine (outfit was a gray and black Philip Lim skirt from FW 2006?, Lyell scallop lace top from FW 08 and black Inhabit round neck cashmere sweater with Odette, red tights, grey boots).

Sunday was another sewing day at Alyssa's. For that I spent a lot of time in and out of my Mayle Liliane dress which I teamed with purple tights, grey boots, black cashmere chunky cardigan and Odette.

The penultimate week of classes starts today. I suspect a lot of tired students now that the much longed for Thanksgiving break is over, the temperatures are falling and much work still has to be done. I empathize with them and wish Thanksgiving fell about three or four weeks earlier myself so it could be a decent break midway through the semester rather than a too short preview of the holiday ahead.

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