Saturday, September 27, 2008

The dress fits!

My first ever ebay clothing purchase fit! Granted it is a bit scratchy (as I expected--it's 50% mohair) but it is the right size. I think I can manage the itch factor with careful layering. After all, a knit dress isn't for summery days. Evan commented that he liked it, and then said he liked the Anahi top I was wearing and asked if that was new--which it is. Like Lina, it came from Portland, OR, which makes it three pieces of Mayle from that city this week. Strangely enough, I couldn't have found any of them in NYC, where Mayle is only stocked in about three places other than in the store itself (Bird, Jumelle and Barneys). Fall 07 items sold out here a long while ago.

I'm struggling with the book this afternoon. Some parts of this chapter are a mess. I have to get back to it but I wish I hadn't given up caffeine, albeit temporarily, as I need the hit it gives me.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trying to finish things up

So today was supposed to be an intensive day of writing, following my nine hours of Wednesday teaching. That was until I woke up with a slight temperature, slight aches in my limbs, sneezes, a slightly sore throat and the kind of foggy head that made me slightly unsure whether something was wrong or not. As I took my temperature I realized something was up--my temperature was 98.1 not (as expected) around 97.2. Because I sometimes think I have more control over the world than I really have, I took my temp again, and again, and as I watched it yo-yo from 97.2 to 98.2 via 97.6 and 97.7, I realized that the slightly sore throat last night was not from teaching and inhaled chalk (a usual Wednesday ailment) but a mild virus/infection of some kind, which screwed up both my temps and my work plans--at least for the morning. I am not going to let the day pass without putting in the required 4-6 hours of writing, although the 8-10 hour day I'd hoped for isn't going to happen. But then I am starting to realize that I have to stop striving for perfection.

So, I've had my third decaf of the day. The cats are snoozing, I've typed in a couple of pages of corrections and feel that the day won't be a total bust. I also got to see some adorable kittens at the local pet store/animal shelter. One cage had six babies--two tabbies, two gingers, two calicos. Another case had two torties and their black brother or sister. One of the torties hid at the back and I asked her to come forward--to my delight, she did just that.

Now I am praying that this mild infection thing will soon pass. I don't need my temps screwed up or to have anything mess up these next few precious days--because they are the most precious of days. I've had infections like this before and they haven't bothered me in the slightest (and they have passed quickly) but when a girl is monitoring her temperature every day, these things matter.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I won my auction

So I can add the Mayle Lina dress from pre-fall 07 to my collection. It's a knitted dress in navy with great buttons up the sleeve. I just hope a medium fits.

Here's a picture of the dress, borrowed from Impulse's blog. I just hope it fits and isn't scratchy. It would be a great fall option and work well for those lazy, not so dressy autumn days.


Recently the demands of my book have kept me away from the stores. I set myself a deadline--finish the book by the end of October--because it has taken up enough of my life and I want to move on. So that has meant staying away from shops. It has not meant staying away from shopping. During a couple of breaks from writing last week I ordered a pair of Chie Mihara sandals from Ped Shoes (a mere $99 on sale--about 70% off); Mayle's Vera coat from Fall 07 and Anahi top from Spring 08, both 70% off, and a dress and cardigan from the Gap--along with 3 babygros for my new niece (she'll be a week old tomorrow). Photos of my finds to follow, once I find my camera charger...

So much for economizing. I am currently waiting on an ebay auction for a Mayle dress. Having watched some bidding last night while viewing Gossip Girl, I doubt I will get it. I'd buy it for the list price ($150) but I am not going to go crazy and bid up to $200-300.

I blame some of this on Jane Mayle. Why did you chose to leave the business? In a summer of stress and disappointments, her clothing has been my major oasis. Sad, I know. But maybe one day I'll be buying those babygros for myself and wiping spit off my gap dresses. A girl can only hope and pray.

Meanwhile, it's back to my auction.

Monday, September 22, 2008

First post...

I've been tentative about this blogging process, but decided to start if for no other reason than it will allow me to catalog my clothes for insurance purposes. Maybe that will force me to realize the value of the items already in my closet and keep me away from temptation, especially when I should be finishing my book or cleaning my bedroom.

As my camera is not charged, this post will be sadly unaccompanied by pictures. I will, however, start posting some of my favorite outfits--and their accompanying stories--sooner rather than later.

Let it be said that all the good names for blogs have gone, usually to people who post once, if at all.