Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some Covets

Let me preface this by saying that I'd prefer to get some of the Mayle items that are on my wishlist. But these are not turning up on ebay or in consignment stores in my size. And when they have been on ebay, I've been outbid in the last seconds. I console myself with the thought that my fellow size 8s now have these items, but in the interim, I'm thinking about the following items that are actually available in stores for mere mortals to buy rather than randomly available, in uncertain condition and for whatever price the seller deems fit. As you can tell, I am a little frustrated with relying on a secondary market where there's no guarantee the pieces I want will be available and where they could be priced for far more than condition and scarcity demands. I just hope all those people who have some Mayle and don't wear it decide to sell--after all, many of the items I want were made in pretty large numbers and I'm sure most aren't being worn any more (the same, I'm sure, applies to all of us and our covets).

But for now, on with the items that are available. I'm going to stick with clothing here and consider accessories and shoes at a later date.

This first item I've yet to see in stores and may hate in person. So far, I've not been impressed with the fabrics used for the Fletcher by Lyell line, possibly because I own many of the original pieces that have been recut and reworked and can see a major difference between both lines, even when the cut is similar. That being said, I loved the original of this top. I planned to get it, but it sold out in my size before it was reduced. I didn't want to pay full price, in part because the lace was very low and possibly too revealing. But at this price ($68), I may go for this unless it looks like really cheap lingerie.

Speaking of Lyell, I have to second Marti's recommendation and highlight this jacket. I don't think it goes up to my size (it seems to stop at an 8, which in Lyell is usually more like a 4-6) and it is too similar to my brown Lyell tweed coat from 2006. But if I can find it in a bigger size, I might go for it in the black. I have to be careful, though, as I already have three Lyell coats and nine Mayle, so I wonder if I really need more outerwear...

I also like this Lyell blouse. I have to try it on, but it is certainly a possibility.

I tried this cardigan on in J. Crew this weekend. I love the style but I'm not entirely sold on the fabric. I have a wool allergy and this cardigan caused it to play up on the one exposed piece of arm it hit (raging burning feeling). This may sound like the most stupid item to consider, but I think I'd wear it over other items and may not have a problem if I wear it that way. Or maybe I just like the style and want to share it with people who can wear it.

Rachel Comey Retractor's dress from Frances May. I prefer the versions of this that aren't in leopard. While I love the green in Domohoka, I think the darker print would be more versatile.


Marti said...

I love that JCrew cardigan. LOVE. I wish I had more Lyell pieces. I only have ever owned a lace jacket which I sold ages ago... and I regret it. As for coats - go for it you can never have too many!!!

joyce said...

I've been wondering about the Lyell/UO pieces myself. Unfortunately, the store here doesn't carry that line. Please do let us know how the top looks in person, Moya!

I used to really love Lyell but the sizing the past couple of years has really thrown me off.

erica said...

i tried on the jcrew cardigan and nearly bought it. my main issue with it is that the folded back lapel doesn't sit straight/flat. so, it looks fantastic from the front, but the side view is too floppy for me. i think they should have gone with a thicker knit for this structured look.

i have about as many coats and am trying to swear off outerwear altogether. who knows, maybe the lyell coat is cut generously. my size 6 peacoat is definitely tight in the shoulders, but that's because i've gained a little weight, i guess.

i completely agree that RC is priced a bit high for what you get.

Marti said...

Joyce where are you? In Portland they had a few pieces on NW 23rd

joyce said...


i'm in vermont! there's a store in burlington, but the selection isn't very good. i'm looking for the cardigan in black; i think size medium.

LivKate said...


I love the pieces you selected. The Lyell jacket is divine. But like you, I have so many jackets, including the Mayle Dover peacoat. It took all my self-restraint to not get the Jeffrey Monteiro peacoat this fall. THe jcrew cardi reminds me of the Aurora cardigan from A/W 2005.