Monday, November 16, 2009


I recently wore my olive gold Ebba for the first time. As longstanding readers of this blog might recall, I went back and forth on this dress when it was in the shops. Several times I nearly got the marine version, only to have other items I wanted more turn up at the right price. Ebba had caught my eye early on but then when the fall items came in (remember, this was pre-fall), it seemed less desirable than Eniko and the others on my wishlist. Besides, there was the matter of fit. Ebba runs narrow in the hips so I needed the 10 to be comfortable--and I don't carry my weight there. The dress just runs narrow in the skirt.

With last week's warm spell, I pulled Ebba out so I could wear it before it got too late. I paired it with my Vince cardi and a gray pearl bead and rhinestone J. Crew necklace. At the end of the day, I realized how much I liked Ebba. It has an early 60s feel--almost Betty Draper-esque--and it is comfortable, full of those little details that make Mayle Mayle.

So, this is another little hidden gem to add to my list.


leanne said...

Moya - how did you deal with the back? This has eluded me and is one of the reasons why I never went ahead with it. I always seem to run across bra issues.

Moya said...

I don't wear a bra with it (but I don't need one as I'm a small 34A). The layers of fabric at the front work well, modesty wise. But I can see that the low backed items like Hilaire, Ebba and Camille can pose big problems in that way.

Rose said...

hi moya, i'm thinking about bidding on the ebba currently on ebay. it's a size 8, which is usually my size in mayle. do you think i'll have the same fit problem in the hips? i'm a size 30 waist usually. thanks!

Moya said...

Hi Rose,

I think the Ebba is cut a little narrow on the hips but it also depends on where you carry your weight. I don't have tiny hips--I'm about 36-3 inches there. I have tried on the 8 and certainly I'm fine with it but the 10 is more comfortable. I don't think the 8 is that much smaller. It is a great dress.

Moya said...

I mean 36-37 inches.