Friday, November 6, 2009

Slim Pickings, Full Day

I should have stayed at home all day and graded today as I have papers from two classes to grade, 15 grad student and 40 undergrad essays. But I was being interviewed for the Cinema Studies blog so I got up bright and early and found myself back in Tisch only 12 1/2 hours after I left last night.

After that, there were errands to run. My desk copy of one book on transnationalism and German cinema never arrived, so I bought one from the campus bookstore. Then I stocked up at GNC (fertility blend, coenzyme Q-10, multivitamins). At this point, I feel like I'm taking more herbs, vitamins and supplements than anybody should, but I hope it all does its work. Then I checked consignment stores for Mayle. Not much out there--some of the cardigans I saw literally had been worn out by their original owners. They had finally lost their shape, the color had faded and they were likely only accepted for resale because of the label. I'd far rather spend the money on the cardigan in J. Crew that I have my eye on. But I'm also going on record here--I vow no more J. Crew necklaces or cardigans (or anything  for that matter) until I finish the book which I am effectively copyediting right now. It's all but done (one full day or two is all I need), so I have to finish it this week and then I can celebrate. It needs to go so other things can find their way into my life.

Evan is at a conference in Boston. It was really lonely coming back to an empty house last night at 11 pm and I just ate and crawled into bed with the cats. He should be home in the next couple of hours but I have missed him.


Marti said...

Moya, good luck with all that work! Which JCrew cardigan are you coveting? Check out teh cashmere one with the pockets (v-neck $168.) its my fave. I want the dark green and the black!

erica said...

my jcrew cashmere v-neck cardigan has two big holes in it where turtle or hector snagged it. ugh. i really want a cashmere hoodie for running errands. i was going to order one from jcrew, but it won't ship until the 23rd. i need some instant gratification right now.

so great that you're nearly done with copyediting, i'm so impressed by how productive you are. i hope you have a lovely weekend celebrating with evan, you certainly deserve it!

Moya said...

Thanks Marti and Erica. I'm making progress with the grading and hope, hope, hope I can finish the book this week. Then I will reward myself with the J Crew necklace or bracelet and maybe the cardigan.

I will check out your cashmere cardigan, Marti. I like the wool one with the front that's folded over and buttoned on both sides.

Erica, do you keep an eye out for the J Crew discount codes? You do know they offer students and faculty 15% off as well?

I don't feel productive right now--just snowed under. Once the book is off I think I'll feel better about how much I've done and hopefully it will refresh me enough to make inroads on the sample chapter for the second book proposal. I'm ready to go with that one.