Monday, November 9, 2009


It's that time in the semester--midterms are in, I've got a lot of grading to do, and the next round of testing begins. I'm digging my way out--I return the grad papers tomorrow-and hopefully I'll be able to do more of my own writing soon. I want the book out of the way and I want the reward I'm going to give myself, be it the cardigan or bracelet.

It's hitting me that the year and the semester are winding to a close. How did that happen? Still so much I promised myself I'd achieve this year remains undone, as yet unaccomplished. Just 8 more weeks left to get it all done. That's my real test.

Today was beautiful---warm, sunny, low 70s. I figured that I should wear something I won't have a chance to enjoy in future months. So I wore my black silk Josie romper (which I'd only worn once around the house) with a silk gingham Steven Alan dahlia shirt (love those puffed sleeves), Monogram clogs and Emmanuelle jacket (with my prefall cardigan in case I needed something in the classroom). I got several compliments, which was interesting to me as I wasn't sure what to wear underneath Josie (the t-shirts I'd tried had necklines that were too high, too low or just wrong). So now I have another idea of how to wear this, rather than on its own (not really appropriate for teaching, or November, no matter how balmy). I love warm November days--I love that it's possible and not even that rare in the North East, but hate the fact that these warm spells are now so very brief. Tomorrow, acupuncture, German Cinema and mid-60s weather so I think I can get at least one more good springlike outfit in before the weather chills.

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Marti said...

Good luck with the grading. I am jealous if your weather as well! I just got another JCrew cardi today- depressed about the crown... cant wait to see photos of josie!