Sunday, March 6, 2011

That Isabel Marant Blouse

I was chatting to my Mum today about how I'm trying to reign in my spending. Mum is very sensible with money and certainly would be horrified if she saw all my clothing, but she told me that I could have the occasional treats. I know she means this differently from me--in all likelihood, she was thinking about the odd movie or lunch with friends, not a designer blouse.

But despite being good, the Isabel Marant blouse and those Rachel Comey boots still haunt me. I wish I could try both on--there is a chance neither will fit comfortably. But I like both of them and still think about them. I first posted about the boots months ago and still like them. That said, I've realized that long days in class on my feet, subway steps and Manhattan streets often don't mesh well with heels.

I will be away for the latter part of next week so maybe I'll rethink the matter on Wednesday--if, that is, I get my conference paper down to a manageable length. It's now down to a shade over 15 pages from 26, but I've cut all the obvious parts and have to reduce it by around another 6 pages--something that will take more than sentence level edits/condensation. I know it has to be shorter or else my panel chair will be irate with me for taking more than my share of time. And as that panel chair is me, I better behave. After all, there may be a blouse--or boots--at stake. Or, if nothing else, a treat of some kind--be it a good, service or comestible.

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erica said...

seriously, IM blouse is reasonably priced and would look lovely on you. in fact, i wish i had something similar for my interview on wednesday. every since the demise of mayle and lyell, i just haven't been able to find anything to be truly excited about.

15 pages isn't too bad. i have 20 pages now, but it'll be easy to cut it down to 15. a part of me enjoys the bloodletting. there's something satisfying (in a perverse way) about deleting sentences that i agonized over for hours, if not days. gives one perspective, i guess?

if i get this postdoc, i'll treat myself to much needed dental work, and maybe a blouse or two ;)

good luck condensing! i'll be up all night putting together images. yech. poor matthew is in the same boat, he has two interviews/presentations this month. leon gets the short end of the stick, though.