Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today I finally decided I had to have that Isabel Marant Solal top. Alas, someone else had the same idea and it has now sold out. I suppose it's not a disaster but still. I had worked out that it would add wardrobe value, I'd been patient, I had even compared the costs to other designers (like Rachel Comey) and this one came out ahead in terms of work, value and prettiness. I guess I will just have to wait and see if it appears on ebay or on some other obscure website. But given IM's craziness about ecommerce, this is probably it.

I know there will always be something else to covet but this one really does hurt a bit. I guess the pain will fade pretty quickly, however.


jennifer said...

aw man, sorry to hear that someone beat you to it! i'll keep an eye out and if i see it anywhere, i'll be sure to let you know.

UM said...

Hi Moya, good luck on your talk tomorrow. There is a store in San Francisco called Nida. They don't do online but they carry Isabel Marant and due to their limited advertising they end up having alot of the IM pieces that have sold out elsewhere (I have even picked up sold out elsewhere pieces on sale). Nida 544 Hayes St · San Francisco · (415) 552-4670

Moya said...

Thanks, UM and Jennifer. I will try to call Nida later on tomorrow. I'm also hoping that somehow Creatures of Comfort will come through for me on the Sheraz dress but I think it may have been shipped to NYC for their sale--which coincides, of course, with me being in NOLA. Oh well!