Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Victory

No, I haven't finished editing down my conference paper. I've reached that stage where every sentence either appears to be fundamentally dislocated from the last or reiterating the same point--which tells me I am just too close to the paper for it to make sense. Alas, I don't have the time to wait and reread as I will have presented the paper by tomorrow.

My victory may be my Achilles' heel. As I was checking the J.Crew 30% off sale items I found one of the Lulu Frost bracelets I liked on markdown, with 30% off and free shipping. I got one. There were two I liked and there is a third in the store (which never appeared online and may not be reduced--if it is, I won't have a chance to look for some time). So I got it. I know it is bad but given that we're now 9 days into the month, I lasted a little longer than most months. And it is an accessory. And I have run out of excuses at this point.

Back to work.

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