Thursday, March 17, 2011

J.Crew Update

On Monday, I wrote about the J. Crew bracelet I received that was a little too short. I wrote to the company and Mickey Drexler, received immediate responses and they are currently searching for the extra links required to make it fit. I was also told that I was not the only person to complain about this bracelet's short length. Once again, J. Crew's exemplary customer service comes through.

I tried on the other Lulu Frost bracelets after my Tuesday acupuncture appointment--they all fit fine. I think this one may have just run too small. I doubt I was sent a dud but that's also possible. I'm keeping my eye out for another one that has currently sold out online. They are so lovely, light weight and sparkly--and do not have the sharp edges that I've found on some J. Crew rhinestone bracelets.

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jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about the bracelet not fitting correctly. Having experienced my fair share of bad customer service from various companies, it's good to know that J.Crew's customer service is so helpful. I hope they're able to make that bracelet work for you!