Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some Springtime Covets

Even though I'm vowing to be good--and so far, have been a pretty restrained shopper--I've seen a few items I love for the forthcoming season. It may technically be the last day of winter today but it's still cold in NYC although we were teased with a 70 degree Friday--a harbinger of coming attractions. If money were no object, these are some of the pieces I'd love to wear during the warmer days to come. Maybe if they are reduced, I'll have a chance at grabbing a couple of them.

This Suno dress seems to have been stocked pretty much everywhere--from Bird, to Saks, to Creatures of Comfort (so I'm hoping there is one left in my size come sale time). I'm really loving longer sleeved dresses right now and this looks like it would be a great spring find.

These Rachel Comey Chadwick shoes from Lamb's Ear are one of many beautiful pairs of shoes they have in stock (including the green A Detacher Didions that I think we all want). I'm not sure how comfortable these would be but they are worth looking at nonetheless. I love the heels and the play with Asian influences.

This Isabel Marant Ryan cardigan is already sold out at Metier so it has to remain a dream piece but oh, the wear I'd get out of this one if I could ever find it. I love the colors, the mixture of stitches and the fastening.

Another sold out piece that caught my eye was the Isabel Marant Lincoln shirt below. Granted, I have a lot of tops like this so it is probably the color that captured me (and the shoulder detailing). I think its probably a nicer fabric than the Tucker blouses but still $605 is way too much for a blouse.

More spring covets to come as I find them during breaks from writing.


joyce said...

those comey heels are gorgeous but the height is prohibitive for me. too much of klutz.

jennifer said...

These are all really great pieces. The RC heels are so gorgeous. I wish they had a bit of a platform on the ball of the foot. That would make wearing them less painful. I also LOVE that Suno dress. I hope it will go on sale too. Their pieces are really far out of my budget at full price.

erica said...

i think you'll be able to get the suno dress on sale, but you'll have to be quick about it.

those green didions...sigh.

leanne said...

Moya - Laguna Supply in Laguna Beach, CA had a small selection of the Isabel Marant sweaters in stock a couple of weeks ago. It is so soft and lovely. And the green didions ... love, love, love.