Monday, March 14, 2011

Sometimes it's all about the shoes

In the midst of the crowds, the work, the adrenaline, the networking and the reunions, conferences can seem overwhelming even if you love them, as I do. And sometimes, only shoes can do the talking. Even though they are pretty high, I wore my Chie Mihara heels for most of the conference--besides working better with my dresses than my Surface to Air flats, they also helped shave off the pounds I've packed on since Christmas. These are the shoes (picture borrowed from another blog as I'm at work).

I met several people through them as they came up to me and told me that they were the greatest shoes ever. While I would disagree, they are nice. They also demonstrate the power of an eye-catching accessory at conferences.


joyce said...

i'm so jealous you can wear such outstanding shoes to your conference!

true story: one year, when looking for the conference hotel, i just looked for the phalanx tweed and sensible shoes.

Moya said...

We do have some stylish people in our field (hence my sighting of the great A Detacher sandals you posted last week). Still, I also saw one luminary from behind on the street and thought it was a homeless person.

Brittan said...

I'm risking being caught not writing my midterm (I needed a therapeutic blogging break!) to tell you that those are possibly the greatest shoes of all time.