Thursday, March 17, 2011

Helping Japan

While we were at our conference, Lisa and I watched in horror as we saw the videos of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I've heard that many charities may be collecting for Japan but are not going to earmark donations for that particular cause. For those of us who have yet to donate, Jennifer has a great post here. I also received a flyer in Union Square from a group of people who appeared to be from the Japan Society, who were also collecting money for Japan (and handed out beautiful little origami swans made from cherry blossom paper when you made a donation--my little guy is seated on a bookshelf). The flyers listed the info found on Click on one of the logos--for JCIE, Save the Children, Japan Society and to find donation sites--complete with lists of companies that match funds. As yet, NYU is not represented but I am hoping that will change.

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