Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thank You

Today started with a lot of stress. While I still have issues I have to deal with, the kindness of two people made my day so much easier. First of all, I want to thank Erica for being so amazing and scanning the two articles I needed for me. I can't thank you enough for your kindness--and I know scanning articles is a thankless task.

My acupuncturist was also amazing. It turns out that one of her former workers did not process my claims, hence the notification I received yesterday. She's also prepared to swallow the loss--although we are both going to appeal the ruling so that she doesn't lose out (as a small business she can't afford to). She was so kind and graceful and evidently my current claims are being processed so that's one weight off my mind.

I also received my Gilt package. As seems to be typical, Jeffrey Monteiro's sizing is all over the place and far smaller this season--the summer items all ran really large. Someone get this man a fit model. The size 8 mini is going back as it's more like a small 6--alas, the 10 is out of stock. I am really pleased I got the blue dress in a 10 as even that is not so roomy and anything smaller wouldn't work at all. As for the Rachel Comey boots, they fit, are relatively comfortable for such high heels and will work for conferences and other events. I am on the fence and think I'll keep them. If they had been $79--as they were a day later--I'd have no hesitation. I am now wondering if I have to return the Gilt items in the same box they came in or if any UPS box will work as the box I have is enormous. I also now have to find a UPS station. I like the JM dress I'm returning but I guess that's life. As soon as I pulled it off the hanger, I knew it was running really small and that it wouldn't work. I may even need a 12 in this one--and as it was final sale just a day later, I know I'm not going to be getting any returns.

So, as I end the day, I still need to sort out those banking issues--the lack of interest statements. I will call one bank in Pittsburgh tomorrow and deal with Citibank the next day. And my debit card worked today in Trader Joe's so the Warner Archive site must be at fault. But I'm still looking forward to my trip to the moon with Ashley. It looks like Brittan is also joining us so it's going to be quite the adventure--three astronaut-ettes and their feline friends.


erica said...

so glad that the health insurance is slowly getting sorted out.

always happy to help a fellow academic!

Moya said...

thank you so much. I really owe you a big favor, Erica.

i.rene said...

Hi Moya, I should have gotten the 10 in the blue dress, but I didn't see your comment until after I placed an order. The 8 was way too tight for me in the arms. On the other hand, size 8 mini fit but was a tad too tight in the hips. This is what I get for shopping when I should have been on ban :( Next time!