Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grading done!

I've just finished my mini-grading marathon. Five weeks of the semester left means we're really getting to the tough part of the semester where tiredness and increased work meet. As we're about to slide into April, it still feels like winter which seems to have all of us distanced from the reality of the end of another academic year. If I finish these two articles and get on with the book proposal, I will be relatively pleased with this year's progress.

I'm also going to try to implement a vow of austerity on the clothing/book/dvd front (unless absolutely necessary for work) as I let myself slip this month. The perils of the final winter sale. I do need shoes, however, but I have this reluctance to pay full price...


Ashley said...


those dvds were my fault and for them i'm very sorry. it won't happen again. ...mostly because between the two of us we've actually purchased every single item from the warner archive. no but really, i'm out of both money and things i want to purchase, so you won't be feeling any negative consumer pressure from me anymore. #solidarity

erica said...

did you see the latest mayle email?

why did i not even know about the lost & found shop? has anyone ordered these pieces, and are they full-priced?

this is a really tough time in the semester. i've slipped up quite a bit lately and need to sell some pieces on LoGE to make up for my mini spending sprees.

Moya said...

I just got it. To be honest I'm not sure I'm excited given the quality of the last pop up and the prices, which were high. I spent $800 on a coat, I really don't know if I can do that (ever) again.

The Lost and Found pieces aren't anything remarkable--pieces you can find on ebay at lower prices. I think there was a great sale in store that I missed as I was out of town.

I have been terrible recently--not so much with dvds (Ashley) but with bracelets from J. Crew, the Marant dress and the Gilt box--complete with the dress that doesn't fit. So I'm now on an austerity drive. What did you buy, Erica?

erica said...

i know, it feels like the long goodbye that just won't end. i was hoping the lost and found pieces would be marked down. ebay always stresses me out, i'm so prone to over-bidding in the heat of the moment.

i bought a pair of boyfriend jeans from surface to air, a scarf from martha mcquade's shop, cole haan brogues, and a few exercise tops from lululemon.

there are quite a few things on my wish list including the loup charmant scallop dress, bodkin santa ana shorts, and a cotton cardigan from jcrew. it's hard not to look when you're feeling antsy and tired from writing all day!

joyce said...

i wrote the pop up asking about prices for a few of the archived pieces. they are indeed full price:

Gaucho pants - $375
Purple/blk silk shorts - $250
Vanya top $385


Do think she's re-starting the line?

Moya said...

Those prices are insane, Joyce. I think they are about a couple of years too late in releasing these items--back in a time when people were desperate enough for new Mayle that they would perhaps pay these sums. Very little on Lost and Found piques my interest, for which I'm grateful. A lot of it looks worn or in less than perfect condition.

I really think they are out of touch with the way interest in Mayle has waned--understandably for any label that hasn't produced a proper new line in 2 years (which means there really haven't been substantive designs for three).

I don't think she's coming back. I think it is another pop up but that's an educated guess. Given how much stock still appears to be available (at full price no less) from the last pop-up, I think I can wait this one out.