Wednesday, March 9, 2011


That is to say I have something that seems to be lucid and just about short enough to fill the 20 minutes. I usually find it difficult to cut a paper much below 11 pages, double spaced (in 12-point Times, just to be picky). This means I am always on the cusp of going over time, something that is not good. This year was no different. But I know how to talk my way through elements of a paper so I should be OK.

I just called the cab (5.15 am to JFK--something that makes me cringe). Thank you conference organizers for booking a conference in New Orleans starting the day after Mardi Gras so that all the flights are expensive and were almost fully booked--even in December. I should arrive about an hour or two before I can check into my room and as I present the same day, I'm sure I'll look as delightful as I will feel.

I think I have packed everything. I've selected my flight/possible conference paper outfit--Rag & Bone Victorian plaid shirt, charcoal Rag & Bone skinny pants, fuchsia suede Chie Mihara heels, black cashmere round neck Inhabit sweater and Lyell little girl black swing peacoat, with my indigo Billie bag.

My ipods are charged, as is my phone. Chargers are in my bag. I burned several films from the dvr to dvd (it's Jean Harlow month on TCM and there are lots of fab pre-codes to boot--including Bed of Roses with Constance Bennett so the dvr will be working overtime). Now all I have to do is shower, clean the cat boxes and then leave the house and cats in Evan's capable hands for the next few days.

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jennifer said...

Have a good time. I hope your presentation goes well. I'll be headed to New Orleans in May for my field's big meeting, tickets were not expensive, but finding a reasonably priced hotel was a different story.