Thursday, May 19, 2011


One of my friends recently got a great new job, so we went out tonight to celebrate/mark the occasion (our schedules have been so busy that it took about a month). After my bootcamp style yoga/dance/pilates class kicked my butt, we headed off to Ayada Thai and had one of the most exquisite meals--we split chive dumplings, a steamed fish (red snapper, I believe) with garlic, lots of lime, chilis and cilantro, pad kaprao with vegetarian duck and fried catfish salad, complete with lots of green mango. It was indescribably good, each dish spicy and complex, yet also gentle and subtle. Then we walked back to our place and ate the icebox cake from Billy's Bakery--which drove Blue mad as he craves cream and butter. I let him have a few tastes of whipped cream as it seemed unfair to torment him so--his little nose kept tweaking and he couldn't be kept away from the bag, boxes and plates. He's one of those rare cats who can tolerate dairy (my other, late lamented blue cat, Lupin, was the same) so I let him indulge every now and again--but only in minute doses.

Given that I probably burned off a lot of calories and certainly sweated through my clothes (and audibly gasped in agony a couple of times), I'm not sure how wise my dinner choices were. But it was a celebration and I promised myself that I'd cut back (again) on the sweet stuff, fatty foods and other extravagances starting tomorrow. I have fresh salmon, cilantro, beans, brussel sprouts, limes and garlic in the fridge for tomorrow night's dinner, so that's a good start.

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jennifer said...

Yum, indeed! I wish the Thai options were better in Philadelphia. I think I became spoiled in Portland where there seemed to be good Thai restaurants on ever street corner.

Blue is a cutie. He looks so content in this picture!