Friday, May 6, 2011


So I was bad today. Very bad. Nothing like having to eat your own words publicly, but eat them I shall. Before I went to bed last night I received the email about the Mayle pop up's 50% reductions. That put the items I wanted squarely at the right price point. I discovered the store would open at 10 so I went in before class--sacrificing some sleep and admitting to my students when I arrived that the only reason I was five minutes late for class was because I was shopping. During the break, I shared my finds with some of the lovely students in my lovely class.

Because the trains (for once) were amazingly efficient, I got there at 9.45 taking me less than 35 minutes door to door, and chatted with Cindy and Monica on the phone before going in. It was pretty much empty (about five of us), so that was a huge contrast to the last big sample sale two years ago. A lot of stuff had sold--rompers, dresses, blouses, but the coats and jackets were well represented--as were belts. Clogs were plentiful in 39 and 40, there were a few 36 and 41s (good for Cindy and I) but the 37 and 38s had gone. A few bags were left, a couple of small rompers, leather shorts, but I noticed a fair amount had sold since Wednesday.

So, here's my stash, replete with approximate prices. Suffice to say, the only things I can get this summer are Didion sandals if I find them on sale and S2A wedges. I am now back on my vow of austerity. It lasted four weeks and I think it can last longer next time.

Coco clogs ($208 + tax)
Green suede/black leather JM bag ($245 + tax)
Lala blouse (ruffled with tie front in ivory pink signature pop up print) ($183 + tax)
Irini military coat in black ($288.50 + tax)
Ana Lou jacket in blue ($275.50 + tax)

Pictures to follow. I am feeling really guilty. Should I have got Ana Lou and Lala? Do I need another bag? Perhaps not but this was my final splurge and the last brand-addiction I promise I'll ever have.


christina said...

All beautiful, timeless pieces that will work with your wardrobe, both professionally and casually. Fair prices especially for the bags and outerwear which are always good investment pieces if you consider price per wear. I'm sure you could easily sell something if you change your mind later on. The ruffle blouse was my favorite piece from the entire collection but I hope I can still get my hands on one.

florence said...

Hi Moya, do they have belts in the Pop up shop? Have you seen them?