Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Grades are in, save for a couple of independent studies. I devoted yesterday to me--not necessarily in a pampering way but more in a recovery from utter exhaustion way. That meant acupuncture, zumba and meeting with a really great graduate student to talk about developing her paper into a longer project (it's certainly publishable as is but with tweaks it could get in a much better journal). I also caught up on some TV, watching the Gossip Girl and 90210 finales, both (spoiler alert) replete with sudden pregnancy cliffhangers. Both shows I think made a misstep in potentially breaking up two couples who are more dynamic together than apart--Chuck and Blair (so much better when scheming together) and Naomi and Max who were just delightfully sweet. Hopefully 90210 will ship off the annoying Annie and do something better with the Adriana character next season--it certainly is the show with the worst record for creating consistent characters and plot arcs, with its constant change in showrunners clearly evident.

So today is the day to clean up, sort through papers, recycle stuff and go to another dance-aerobics-pilates-yoga hybrid class. And tomorrow, finish errands and start the serious business of writing and researching (I think I have to hit the microfilm room at Bobst for a few days to get this conference paper started). And on that note, I also have to book travel and accommodations and register--another (expensive) task for tomorrow.

Also, I am going to spring clean my closet. Some Rachel Comey that I've not worn will be posted here in the next few days, amongst other pieces (including some Mayle) that I'm just never going to wear. I have to create room for my new Mayle, Thakoon and Suno pieces.


joyce said...

yay for being done! i finished this morning.

Marti said...

both shows were pretty good. on 90210 I liked the Ivy wedding - and on gossip girl I like the charlie/aunt carol twist at the end.