Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thakoon redux

As I manage my third cold of the last four weeks (a combination of flying and Evan and I both being around sick students) and work on my last historiography lecture of the semester, I keep thinking of returning to the Thakoon sale. This might be a bad idea--I searched through the affordable pieces and found two gems. Am I so greedy that I can't leave it there? I can't really go until after 4 tomorrow as I have a class and an MA defense and today is similarly packed. I think that's the problem with good sales--especially with brands that are otherwise out of reach. You think about what you save, not what you have just spent, and you fantasize that other amazing pieces are there if you just look hard enough. Alternatively, you think about splurging a little more on those items that you abandoned just a day earlier as a little too expensive, recognizing them instead as investments.

Anyway, to give you an idea of why I am obsessing, here is a version of one of the dresses I got yesterday. Mine was in a different fabric--a more wearable and likely more expensive wool/silk crepe, not georgette and was mainline, not Thakoon Addition, but this cut is very similar. My dress is slightly higher at the neckline and a little more draped around the hips (but without adding bulk--instead it camouflages bumps and bulk, possibly because it has an extra ruffle). This is clearly one of the label's favorite and recurring designs, and one that is incredibly flattering.

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