Sunday, May 15, 2011


I may have hit the halfway point--I may be slightly over it. It is tough to tell as I don't know the page count (grad papers are about 50% longer). But I do know I am tired. Grades are due in tomorrow and it looks like it will be another late night. I was nice to my students and gave them as long as I could--because they are good students and nice people and need the time too. It's always a crunch but this time it's worse as I had a migraine on Thursday that lagged over into Friday, preventing me from reading or doing anything online. Still, I'd rather just enter grading bootcamp and get the task finished so I can get back to my own writing this week.


erica said...

Good luck with the final push! I finally replaced my ipod with a new shuffle to help keep my energy up as I finish revisions for the defense on Wednesday (!!!)

Moya said...

Congratulations, Erica! I am sure it will go really well.

joyce said...

good luck, erica!

i just finished grading today. tomorrow at noon, freedom for 3 months begins!! well, "freedom." you know what i mean.