Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thakoon Sample Sale

On my way to a couple of defenses this afternoon, I hit the Thakoon sample sale, which was as stocked and quiet as's correspondent had reported. The staff were quiet and friendly as about five people browsed the large number of production samples which were all in good to immaculate shape. I tried on a few pieces (the samples seemed to run large) and snagged two dresses for a total of $250. It was my first big expenditure since very late March so I figured it was OK. I could have bought more pieces but settled on a muted fuschia wool-blend crepe dress with a bow-like detail and a navy draped crepe shift that made me look like a size 2. These dresses were beautifully cut--had I been a little smaller, I'd have ventured into some of the printed fabrics but most of them looked a little too small for me. I will take pictures and show off my finds--basically this was far better than Mayle where the dresses looked sad, dowdy, creased and cheap--and overpriced. I still liked the coats and jackets but again thought they were more expensive than they should have been. It was a cold, wet day and had the Ana Lou jacket and the military coat been a bit cheaper, I might have been tempted.

I highly recommend the Thakoon sale, however, especially if you are a size 2-4.

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