Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The semester is over (at least I'm done with the teaching part) but the insane work load has yet to abate. I just sent my book off to the publisher (at least I hope this is the press that will publish the work). I spent the day doing a quick proof read, catching a few typos, making a few changes, adding a paragraph and realizing that the final chapter really could do with another rewrite. At this point, though, time is of the essence and that rewrite is going to have to wait.

At least I can say the book is in, until the next set of revisions are due.

My dear students (and I mean that sincerely for they are a great group) are all currently working hard and a few papers have come in early, so that's on my list of work I have to do tomorrow. I'm also going in for another office hour--an abridged one for sure, but I'll be there in case people need to touch base.

As for the summer, my plans are to finish the book proposal I started some time back and get that one into the press. I also have four articles that are nearly ready to go and want to get them into journals. Then there is the conference paper I give in Scotland in early July that I have to write--and maybe I'll do the full chapter if I can. I'd like to see two or three of the five chapters of book #2 completed by August. If I can do that, I'll be happy.

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