Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Settling into Summer

I'm currently adjusting to not teaching--although that doesn't mean no work. Indeed, the beginning of the summer still feels a little like the semester as I have a couple of defenses scheduled for the next week or two and a few incompletes to still grade. I also have to get to work on my conference paper soon so the library is likely to become a regular fixture in a day or so.

I'm also making an effort not to spend. I know the best way to do this is to avoid all temptation--no shopping blogs, no window shopping, no magazines. But that would be no fun. So I've put a few things into shopping carts, left them there while I've gone off to do other things (like read Photoplay) and then realized I don't want them anyway. The lure of big reductions has to stop. I've fallen victim to that temptation too many times in the guise of saving and then received packages that may have ultimately been less than inspiring. I'm aware that some of these can be the best purchases in the long run as they fit in with your needs and become really great basics--a brown cashmere cardigan I got from J. Crew in their big winter sale this January initially seemed more like shopping cart filler but turned out to be one of my favorite and most useful items. But too often that hasn't been the case.

I do need sandals and shoes, and I should get some more yoga/pilates/zumba pieces (which doesn't really count). If it gets really hot, more cotton or linen dresses will perhaps be needed. But in the meantime, I'm making the most of some overlooked items I already own and enjoying them afresh. One particularly great rediscovery is a black silk just above the knee a-line skirt from Lyell's only holiday collection (I think it was 2008). I bought it because it went so well with the top below, but it has also proven itself to be a versatile skirt for this crazy humid weather, pairing well with plaid shirts, striped tops and other basics, as well as working with or without sandals.

I've also worn my new Madewell blouse several times and love it. With all the rain we've been having, I've had to put my Coco clogs away for a few days but hopefully they will come out to play again soon. While today has been mercifully sunny (with overcast spells that threaten rain), we have barely had any decent spring weather and I keep coming back to my coats and sweaters even though June is on the horizon. How could this year have passed so fast?

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erica said...

This weather makes me think it's still March. Lately all I have been buying is activewear instead of 'real' clothes. I feel conflicted about my style--maybe because I'm switching gears from a grad student to a postdoc. So, instead of buying a Shabd silk dress or Bodkin skort, I opt for yet another pair of running crops. I'm such a consumer, even when I'm not spending on clothes there's always something I'm buying.