Friday, May 13, 2011


I have admired Suno's clothing for the last two seasons, albeit from afar as it was always just a little out of my price range. I've got a long list of covets from their resort and spring 2011 collection too, and would be happy just to own a few pieces.

I went to their sample sale this week, both times with Caroline, both times on my way to or from work. Yesterday we scoped out the merchandise and tried a few things on. Alas, some of my favorite items, including the dress Michelle Williams wore at Cannes, were simply wrong for my body, being a little too narrow in the back and constructed in fabric that had absolutely no ease. At $380 it was also a little too expensive for me at a time when I have some very big expenses coming up. Some of the tops were lovely on the hanger but again not really cut for my body--and the skirts were all too small.

I had a hunch (as I did with Mayle) that the reason the sale was so quiet was because the prices may be too high for recession-era New York shoppers. So on our way to NYU today, Caroline and I went by Suno and, sure enough, the prices were reduced by 50% as I'd hoped and semi-predicted (exactly as with Mayle). While some pieces appeared to have sold, likely even last night, the dress I wanted was there and for $132, was mine. I tried on the Michelle Williams dress and its ikat-esque print counterpart but neither worked--I was hoping that one may be cut an inch or two wider in the back but no such luck. It did look amazing on Caroline. So we each got our dresses and are both looking forward to the next Suno sale.

Here's my dress--I got the blue/purple/yellow/green colorway which is even prettier. It drapes so well and is incredibly comfortable.


Cheryl said...

The dress is lovely! What a great price.

erica said...

oh lucky you! i tried on that dress at stels and wanted it sooo badly! i can just picture you wearing it. it's such a flattering cut, and the fabric is lovely.