Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It's tough living in New York during sample sale season, especially when you have publicly made a vow of shopping chastity, like me, and splurged twice the week before. My resolve will be tested in the next few days with the Suno sample sale. I have decided on what might be a compromise--skip the first, crowded and likely most expensive day and pop in when it is less crowded. Any of the sample sale panic and collective hysteria will have likely abated and I can make measured decisions about whether or not any of the stock is worth the investment.

I have to say that I am getting some good use out of last week's purchases. I wore my Mayle clogs for three out of the last four days and even taught in them yesterday. They are not as pretty as some of my shoes, or, indeed, as pretty as some of Jane's earlier shoes and clogs, but they have something about them--and they are comfortable. I also wore my Thakoon navy blue dress on Sunday when we took Evan's mother out for Mother's Day in Long Island. Although I snagged it on a J. Crew bracelet (must never wear non-fine jewelry with that dress) I think the snag will be remedied. And the dress is divine and comfortable. As for the rest of my splurges, I wore the blue Ana Lou jacket on Saturday for dinner (with a striped J. Crew long sleeved t, jeans and the Coco clogs). Evan liked it and reversed his initial decision about it being an unnecessary addition to my wardrobe. Then Monday I wore the Lala blouse and realized it was pretty, not too frilly and worked well with my black Rag & Bone pants and the Coco clogs.


LivKate said...

Hi Moya, this is the little angel on your shoulder whispering into your ear "Skip the sample sale. If you go and spend money, it will only end up making you feel guilty. You have plenty of dresses and have spent quite a bit over the past week."

Moya said...

Thank you, Monica!