Wednesday, June 2, 2010


During this beautiful, if a little too humid, day, I stayed inside and worked. I can see the end of the book now (two troublesome chapters notwithstanding) and hope it will be done before my friend Jenny comes for the weekend. I thought I might finish tonight but I did something more strenous and requiring more courage--I went to yoga.

A summer or two ago, I bought a yoga dvd and tried it for myself. I tied myself in knots, realized the limitations of my body and discovered it was really hard but seemed like it would be physically and emotionaly rewarding. My friend Shari is a yoga teacher and recommended I take a class. But I couldn't find one in Brooklyn and slowly my dvd gathered dust (it really was too difficult for a beginner). I recently discovered a yoga studio exists just a block from my apt. Classes are a mere $15, but I was scared of walking into a place where I knew nobody and possibly being so much worse than anybody else that I couldn't keep up.

Even though I was near finishing the corrections on a chapter, I decided to go--I can type those corrections in later but can't go to yoga at 10 p.m. So I went and I'm really glad I did--sure I couldn't do everything and I nearly fell over with some poses, but other people weren't perfect either, and I feel so good inside and out. I'm going to try doing this twice a week.


jennifer said...

Nice, Moya! I agree that it is scary doing yoga for the first time or going to a new studio for the first time. But, I like that yoga is (or should be) non-competitive, so you feel more comfortable not being able to do all those crazy arm balances and inversions.

I'm off to yoga tomorrow morning and hopefully again on Sunday!

Cindy said...

So awesome - you will feel so much better doing yoga with your workload! I suck at yoga in the worst way, but I like the feeling of being so stretched out and calm afterwards!

Marti said...

Moya if you love yoga try the Barre 3 work out - its pilates/yoga/ballet and you walk away feeling so good. you can get the dvd off their website