Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heat Wave

It's been unbelievably hot for the last few days, causing me to retreat to the bedroom (the only room with ac and the only one without internet access), so I've not been so good at updating the blog. According to Evan, it's already 90 again, although predictions are that the heat will break today and we'll have a few nice days to start July.

I can't believe the year is nearly half over, and with it, the summer. I'm making strides on book #2 but at this point, I'm mainly reading--and (perhaps thankfully), finding that most of the ancilliary texts are not that helpful or stimulating. Still, my pile of reading is diminishing nicely, signs that I'm getting closer to writing this chapter.

Tomorrow is the Rachel Comey sale. While there are a couple of dresses I'd like to snag, the price points seem ridiculously high (over $200 for dresses that are quite simple and lack much in the way of detail). I think this has to reflect the close of other lines (Lyell, Mayle), the factors that make it tough to run a small business in this climate (smaller margins and higher costs) and the ability to charge more simply because the competition doesn't appear to be there. That said, if you can get a comparable dress on sale in Barneys for less than $150, why spend $100 more at the RC sample sale? Bear in mind that some of these items are already on sale elsewhere online for less (like Domohoka--although their refusal to carry anything above size 6 is short sighted in my opinion)--and others will likely be reduced further, especially given the poor economy and what appears to be relatively plentiful stock in stores right now. I'm going to browse and check sizes but there is no way I will pay over $200 for a RC dress at a sample sale when I have other things I want to buy--like the new Macbook Pro I hope to get this week.


joyce said...

New York must be getting the heat wave we had in VT a few days ago. It was nearly unbearable.

And that's fantastic work is going so well. I just finished an article myself and hope to send it off **tomorrow**.

Marti said...


I think Doris is only able to order whats available. I know when alison makes stuff if no one orders it larger than a 6 she doesn't produce it as its super expensive. Either that or it must sell really quickly. I think doris only orders one of each.

Moya said...

The weather here has been nuts, Joyce. Congratulations on finishing the article, especially in this weather.

Marti, I know Rachel Comey and Jeffrey Monteiro make bigger sizes. I should email Doris and beg her to order Ls and 8s for those of us who are taller! I wish Alison was going to make her fall 10 line--and I love the dress of hers you are wearing on your blog.