Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Buyers Remorse/Rachel Comey dress for sale

At the Rachel Comey ss today, I bought a Medium Traders dress from SS 09--pink with a floral pattern. Having brought it home I realize that it isn't me--I can't wear wrap dresses even though this is not a conventional wrap dress. I will post pictures soon (once I've set up my new laptop), but if anybody is interested, it was $100 and I'll part with it for what I paid and throw in free shipping.

Here's an image of the dress from another website--mine is essentially identical.

I will report on the Rachel Comey sample sale later---it was a disappointment--but in the meantime I'm setting up my new MacBook Pro that I got today!


Marti said...

Moya that looks like a great dress. You should try to wear it. I think the color would be great on you!

Hooray new mac book!

leanne said...

Moya, I second Marti - the color looks like it would be great on you. If you're still planning to sell it - what are the bust and shoulder measurements? That's where I fear it may be too small. The MacBook pro does sound a bit more exciting though. Aren't they amazing?

Moya said...

It is a pretty dress--it just doesn't work on my body. I bought it because I love the fabric but it isn't right on me even though it fits.

Leanne, I will send you the bust and shoulder measurements. I'm big in the shoulders and it fits me.

I love my new macbook but moving over all my files is a headache. I'm starting the new book so better now than later but still... I also don't have Microsoft Word on this one yet--something I need to remedy immediately.