Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I usually don't find anything on Gilt Group but today was Jeffrey Monteiro day and I had a little splurge. I actually opened the page early to see the sneak preview and refreshed until the sale started. Although it seemed slow going at first, I managed to miss out on the size 10 coral Wona dress--I thought I had it in my cart but maybe it never existed. I got the 8--JM sizing can vary a lot (I've got 6s that fit fineand 8s are usually big on me but some of the items I've tried on have been a lot smaller). I also got the Banda in 10, although I probably should have gone for the 8. As both dresses have sold out no (the Wona is still available in blue), it's pretty moot. Hopefully both fit perfectly--I think the Banda would be fine if it is a little roomy.

The sale ends tomorrow and there are still some lovely items left. I'd get a couple more dresses but I am on a budget. If there is a real life JM sample sale, I'd certainly try to get another couple of pieces.

So, here they are. I should have them by next week and I'll try to post some pictures of how they look in real life. They are my two of my three favorite dresses from the SS 10 lookbook so I'm pleased to have got them.

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joyce said...

Gorgeous choices. I winnowed by own down to the red skirt, which I think will be really versatile this summer.