Monday, August 23, 2010


I'm trying to pare down my closet. Just today, Evan pointed out that he'd need the room I've been using on the overflow rack for his fall clothes--I already took over both closets so he has a point. Later tonight, I'll be posting some photos of Mayle items I'm selling, with some Lyell following up and then some miscellaneous other items, like the Rachel Comey dress that didn't work for me.

But paring down is only part of it. I've also got to learn that just because a pretty item catches my eye, then goes on sale, and then is reduced again, that I don't have to bite. Case in point, the Penta Surface to Air flats I wanted were marked down further just for this weekend. I decided, for once, that prudence should rule the day--I have my flat Mayle and Devotte sandals that have seen me through most of the summer and still look good enough for another year or more. Fall is on the horizon, so I probably have no need for them. Want, yes--I still want them. But needs and wants have to be separated and so I let them pass. Maybe I'll pick them up if there is another reduction, but there is nothing like exerting some self-discipline.

True, I did get the Tripoli dress, so I'm not exactly as virtuous as I want to be. But baby steps...

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