Friday, August 6, 2010

More arrivals

My Rachel Comey sailor dress arrived yesterday--it's lovely and the fabric is really beautiful. I will photograph it, but the fabric is iridescent so it may not show the detail. The plaid silk is embossed with a diagonal pattern, from what I can see, making it look almost black at some angles. There's also a lot of workmanship (the inside of the dress is beautifully finished) and the sleeves are lovely. I'm glad I got an L as this season definitely runs small.

I just ordered the RC Wayfarer dress from Kick Pleat. This weekend, their 50% stock is marked down to 70% off, so it came to under $150 with shipping. I've not tried this one on and hope it fits, given the odd sizing from this season, but it just goes to show how overpriced the RC sample sale was--this season's dresses were over $200.

Getting this makes up for the disappointment of losing yet another ebay auction for a Mayle dress in the last seconds earlier this week. It also makes me realize that I have to economize a lot this fall as I've ended up getting a lot more clothing in the last few weeks than I thought I would.

In addition, I hit up the Club Monaco sale yesterday after acupuncture. I've been disappointed in the store for the last couple of years--it seems to have lost its way, both in the sense of repeating old staples to the point of boredom and trying new things, many of which never quite work even if the ideas and fabric are fundamentally sound. Their sale selection--and prices--are not so good these days either. On the plus side, they give a discount with a faculty or student ID. I went to the 5th Ave store yesterday and their sale section was packed with merchandise (I think they may ship here from other stores). I got a long soft lightweight tan cashmere v-neck cardigan with pockets for around  $72 (it was $89 before the faculty discount) and a cropped cotton cardigan with short bell sleeves in grey for around $33 (was reduced to $39 from $99). I liked both when they were full price--they were two of the few items that gathered my attention. Both were in relatively short supply so I doubt further reductions would occur in those colors, but if the v-neck cardi is further reduced in the other colors (two greys and a blue), I'll grab another.


Joe's blog said...

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jennifer said...

Nice! I'm happy the sailor dress worked out. I also really love the Wayfarer dress, but am reluctant to order it since I have never tried it on. RC sizing, in my experience, is always inconsistent.

erica said...

the sailor dress fabric really is amazing. i wish stel's had carried it instead of the blouse in navy. i hope the wayfarer dress fits. it looks like the final markdowns of the season are underway. i'm crossing my fingers that stel's has a few nice pieces left.

Moya said...

RC sizing is tiny this season. There are a couple of other RC dresses at Kick Pleat on 70% markdown (from the 50% off page--30% and full price merchandise aren't reduced). They have the sailor dress in navy in a L, but the fabric really sold me on the one I got.

Good luck with the Stel's sale, Erica. Let us know what you find!

joyce said...

That print is beautiful. It's always safe to err on the larger wide with RC -- she cuts small in the hips.

Biscuit said...

the wayfarer dress runs very small, especially if you have broad shoulders. there is a side zip, but the waist and bust are cut very slim, especially where the zipper does not extend to, and it is a very difficult dress to pull on and off. you have to sort of shimmy it over your shoulders. i have pretty narrow shoulders and can barely get the small on and off (i usually wear xs).

Moya said...

Thanks for the sizing info. I have broad shoulders so. I fear it may not fit.