Monday, August 16, 2010

J. Crew Finds

No, this isn't yet another post about what I bought this weekend. Indeed, I was good and spent literally nothing all weekend (save Friday night's dinner). Evan has been out of town so I've caught up on watching some dvds for this chapter (like the fabulous Footballer's Wives which I'm ploughing through right now) and viewing shows from the DVR that he hates--Come Dine With Me (which I watch with the folks when I'm home), On the Road with Austin and Santino (two of my favorite PR contestants ever) and The Rachel Zoe Project. It's funny because I think he'd appreciate the last episode where Rodger shows his frustration with his wife's obsession with clothes and retreats to watch football and drink beer with the lads. I've also done a lot of yoga and can really feel the ache in my arm after two and a half hours straight yesterday. I had a private class with one of my favorite instructors, Brendan (only by default as nobody else came) which was really helpful and a lot of fun.

It's been very quiet this weekend but I've had good company--Cindy and I have chatted a lot online as we're both on our own right now. Thank goodness technology can erase some of the distance between friends, even if the time difference remains. The cats have also been their usual affectionate self, but Remy missed Evan a lot at first, sitting right by the door waiting for her Daddy to come home.

J. Crew is having another 30% off final sale items starting today. I may skip this--or wait to see what comes back in stock--as some of my favorite items have sold out. I like the following pieces but do I need them? Possibly yes for the skirt, but I'd rather get it in the slightly darker color (pictured) not the pale ivory color--the only one left in my size. As J. Crew sale stock is often replenished, I'm holding out for the tan which I might very well get.

I was also thinking about this top but I suspect the neon pink is really more neon than the color on my monitor. I also don't know if this is a necessary item given all the other striped ts I own. And won't the sequins make laundering difficult? It's hand wash, on the other hand, which would make it more doable.

I am going to hold off as I'm trying to be good and I also want to see what else might trickle in. The last time they had this promo, more items came in and I ended up ordering twice. So patience may win out.

I have to say that the J. Crew miniskirts and striped t-s have become great staples in my closet. Here's some pictures of my finds from my last J. Crew sale purchase--all of which (I believe) are still available online.

OK, so the picture is way too dark (I'm not wearing tights and I have white, white legs) but the flash would wash it out completely. I got the foil striped t-shirt which is made of a fairly heavy cotton--I really like it and it is quite visible. I'm also wearing the silver beach cardigan--with the 30% discount I paid about $20 for the top and $60 for the cardigan. The skirt is blue cotton chambray from J. Crew which I got in store for about $21. It's rare I wear all of one brand and truth be told, the skirt was teamed with my eden print Mayle top earlier on--the cardigan and t-shirt had just arrived from UPS.

This image shows the top in more detail. I love it. And as you can see the skirt has pockets! It's the Calvary skirt and the ivory and pale versions of it are still available online at J. Crew for $19.99 minus the 30% discount. My version was more expensive (I think they keep getting it online for $39.99 but it's currently not there) but if you see it, I recommend it highly as the most versatile skirt for spring/summer/fall.


Marti said...

The extra 30% off is great. its a huge savings. i love the striped top. Also let me tell you HOW much I LOVE footballers Wives... There is just no one like Tanya Turner.

Cindy said...

love the picture! oh j crew - you make my bank account cranky.