Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jeffrey Monteiro, Fall '10

I was thrilled to receive the Jeffrey Monteiro fall lookbook the other day. I have to admit that very little from this fall excites me so far--although there are some things I've seen in magazines and online that are beautiful, but out of my price range (like the Prada stacked patent leather heels and thick socks).  I even started a post that I'll publish later centered around the items that excited me, but other than a J. Crew mini skirt and a dress that isn't in my size, I couldn't find much worth blogging about yet--I know as pieces come into stores, I'll change my mind and post that entry later.

Although there were some amazing jackets and coats, the JM looks were not all to my taste, which may be just as well given that I so want to save some money this semester. Some of them are lovely though and the styling is impeccable--I just love the pops of jewel colors. These looks all spoke to me in some way:

My screenshot cropped the image because my laptop isn't quite big enough to capture the whole image. But I love this dress--it captures my desire for something with long sleeves, a little interesting detail and some movement.

I really like this jacket and top. There is something very Mayle about the shirt and the jacket adds a nice twist on fall layering.

I don't really need any more coats, but this one is really interesting and would be something I could team with box pleat skirts, simple winter dresses and tweed minis. It would also transition well into the colder months with jeans and pants and be great thrown over a spring dress.

Another fabulous dress combination makes me wonder which coat to buy... I also love the boots Jeffrey has designed for this season. Some of these looks are already available at Stuart and Wright in Brooklyn--I feel I have to check them out when I'm in the area next week.

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