Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I received some sad news this morning. My brother's cat Hugo died last night after a thyroid operation yesterday. He had hyperthyroidism and the drugs he was prescribed didn't work. My brother and his wife are devastated.

Hugo was a large, happy, affectionate and outgoing cat--one of my earliest memories of him, back from when he was a kitten, was of my brother making a turkey sandwich to take into work for lunch. One piece of turkey went in the sandwich, one in Giles' mouth and another to Hugo, who was standing on the counter patiently awaiting each treat. And so it went until the sandwich, brother and cat were full. Hugo was the kind of cat who thought he was smaller and more graceful than he was--my brother would joke that the birds he stalked were probably laughing at the fat cat trying to catch his prey.

Most of my Hugo photos aren't on this computer but I'm going to add some more of him tonight from my old laptop. Below is a photo of him doing one of his favorite things--eating--with his sister, Mollie. His other favorite pastime was cuddling with his mum and dad and any of his many human friends.

He was a very lovely boy and I will miss him very much.


Marti said...

thats really sad. its so tough to lose a pet.

joyce said...

i'm so sorry, moya. hugo seemed like a wonderful kitty.