Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Food-centric Weekend

I've been somewhat remiss in posting recently, partly because I've been out of the house. Marti was in town and I was lucky enough to see her and Alison on Friday. We did the usual round of consignment stores--Marti found two great Mayle dresses, a bag and some Prada shoes in INA on Thompson. They couldn't find one of the shoes, but she still made out very well. It looked as though I'd be virtuous (for a change...) but I bought a sequinned skirt in J. Crew. It's evidently a store only item but it looks very much like the skirt on the cover of the recent catalogue. With my faculty discount, it was under the sales tax threshold, saving me about $24. Other than INA, there was little to no Mayle, and what there was was overpriced and unexciting.

After a lot of window shopping, we had dinner at Northern Spy which was really good. The tomato salad was incredible, prompting me to buy some wonderful heirloom tomatoes yesterday at the Union Square farmers' market. I ate most of the salad myself as Evan isn't a tomato fan, and then sliced more on my brown basmati rice at dinner time (other items were salmon in chimichurri sauce and broccoli rabe with farmers' market garlic). I'm trying to get all my produce at the market where reasonable given that so much good stuff is in season--organic grapes and pineapple are still the preserve of Whole Foods, however.

Saturday, I went to yoga with Alyssa, then she came over for breakfast (Evan made scrambled eggs with cheese on Murray's bagels), then we did a little work before heading out to meet our friend Kara in Prospect Park to see Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. We headed to Bedoin Tent in Boerum Hill to pick up some freshly made pitta bread (there's is the best), hummus and baklava (still warm from the oven). We also brought blueberries (I ate all of them) and carrots. When we met Kara, she was in what she dubbed, "the longest line she'd ever seen." It truly was, although I wasn't surprised. It turned out that 20,000 people were there. The show (and the food) were amazing, and the company as good as ever. The weather was beautiful, the setting wonderful and it all added up to a perfect evening.


jennifer said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Northern Spy is so delicious.

Marti said...

I had so much fun! I wish I had been able to make sharon jones... I think I may be back next month!

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