Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mayle for Sale, Part 4

Next up is the Danya dress from Fall 07, size 6, lightly worn--pictured above. This dress is in a thick winter lace with a wool top. I have three other dresses from Fall 07 in similar fabrics that I tend to wear instead of this one so I decided to part with it in the interests of a streamlined closet.

I am reluctant to let this one go. In the interests of full disclosure, the winter lace fabrics this dress is made from tend to pill very slightly--the dresses in the store were doing the same. This dress is no different--it has a slight nubbiness in places but it is not noticeable when on and does not distract from the dress's beauty.

I am having some problems with blogger so some of these pictures may not display as they should. I've pictured the back buttons and the front of the bodice to show the lace inserts in the side.

In terms of size, this runs true to size to a little large. It would fit a 6 or small 8.

If you are interested, please leave a comment below. Thank you so much.

Dress as styled in the lookbook--belt was not included.
Back of the dress

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