Sunday, January 15, 2012


Tonight we went out for a fabulous Thai meal at Ayada with Evan's family. Evan and I split a crispy catfish salad, chive dumplings, fried red snapper with basil sauce and pad kaprow with vegetarian duck. Then we all came home to eat sublime French pastries from Cannelle. I was showing Evan's mother some old photos, replete with evidence of my weight gain. Slim limbs, narrow hips, svelte torso--all proving that I wasn't always this size. I think I need to pull one of them and put it on the fridge, or scan it and put it on my phone. I can and I will return to that size by exercising in ways that worked for me in the past and by being more active and, yes, eating more protein and less carbs.

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erica said...

these days i refuse to eat pastries or baked goods unless i bake them myself. that way i know exactly what's going into them. same thing for pretty much everything i eat. lots of tofu, roasted veggies, and then whole grains and my regular heaping dose of carbs, fruit, and yogurt. i always carry a water bottle as well as a bag of fruits and nuts for snacking.

weight gain is such a slippery slope, but you shouldn't beat yourself up about it! i think with small lifestyle adjustments things will start to change. the thing that works best for me is avoiding prepared food as much as possible. for the past 3 years we've only eaten out once a week. it saves a ton of money and forces us to be more resourceful with our grocery list.