Monday, January 9, 2012


I suspected I'd get sick after everybody else I know came down with colds. Of course, it was only in hindsight that I realized that might be the reason behind my limited strength in pilates and my lack of coordination at zumba. After spending Saturday in bed with a splitting headache a cold was *just* what I needed. Realizing I was not feeling my best yesterday afternoon and then getting that tell tale feeling in my throat, I decided to do what I could to get some work done. So I stayed up until 4 am and submitted my article to a journal. Perhaps not the wisest step in fighting off a cold but that was already evidently useless, so I worked while I could and now feel utterly exhausted.

I managed to get some not-so-great writing done today (but it can always be edited later) and hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to deal with a couple of more important tasks. I am determined to get a full version of this chapter written in the next three weeks.


erica said...

oh no, i hope you rebound quickly. nothing worse than getting sick at the beginning of the semester. best to stay in bed as much as possible, i guess! and like i always say, a page of writing is progress, no matter how crappy the writing is!

Moya said...

Thanks Erica. I'm actually rebounding quicker than I thought, thanks to acupuncture and the facial I had today (my first ever) which featured steam and certainly helped my sinuses. Fortunately for the facialist I was not gross like yesterday, otherwise I would have cancelled.

I am going to plough away at that chapter. Even if I edit everything out, at least I'm starting it. I'm now on page 5 which isn't great but if I do five pages a day, I'll have 70 or so to play with in less than three weeks. Thinking about it that way helps!

I hope your work is going well. I still have a couple of weeks before school starts (thankfully). It's been a very trying break.