Monday, January 16, 2012

Tocca, Spring 2012

Given the relatively low profile of Emma Fletcher's first collection for Tocca and its limited availability, I wondered if this collection would be a one-off collaboration. Not to say the clothing wasn't great--it was--but Tocca had previously opted for larger runs and wide distribution so it seemed possible that this was a tentative and limited experiment.

When I went to the store last week, my questions were answered. Not only was the new lookbook available as a series of postcards, but Emma is working on Fall 2012. Here are my favourite looks from the new season (I particularly like the blue and white blouse). One critique: the looks are a bit heavy on lingerie and leotards (from what I see here) but I anticipate that this isn't the full run. I'd like to get the blouse and possibly a dress, but as I am on a more limited budget this semester, that should be enough.


erica said...

hmm, not loving it from what i've seen so far since i stay away from the lingerie look. i'm hoping for a few pretty blouses, dresses, and sweaters. i'm glad tocca is sticking with emma fletcher for now, though!

Moya said...

I agree with you about not loving it--although I like the shirt, dress and sweater--the shorts make the model look wide so how they'd look on me is unimaginable. Like you I avoid the lingerie look, but hoping there are some nice pieces not in the lookbook (although I can't afford much this season so maybe it's all for the good).